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I spent a proud Friday morning at the GA Convention Center for the Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant Graduation of my class! We got our diplomas and wings, and shared lots of laughter and tears and hugs. I can not believe the 25 of us in C-3 have survived the last 7 weeks! I've learned so much and met new friends and am beginning a career in Fortune Magazine's Most Admired Airline in the world.

On Wednesday I fly to New York City for base orientation and my first flight of the month! When I was last in NYC for New York Comic Con, I mentioned to a few friends how much I would love to be in the city more often, and lo and behold, now I have a job that requires me to be in NYC for half of each month. I am excited to see my friends and eat delicious food and shop in little boutiques, and do a whole lot of walking.
I haven't let down my hair (literally) in a month and a half, both my knees are bruised up from hands on drills all week long, and I am dying for some social interaction with my friends, but it's all been worth it and from here on the world is going to be a much smaller place for me. I can't wait to visit my family, and many buds around the States and other countries.

For those who've asked me if I will find time to continuing cosplaying and go to cons - I will of course keep doing both. Delta is a very flexible company and I will do my best to work with my flight schedule and my cosplay/con related schedule. Hopefully with planning and time management, I can handle the multiple responsibilities.

Speaking of cosplay and costume making - I just signed a book contract for an artbook of my work with New Babel Books! During those long layovers in strange cities I plan to do a lot of writing for it. Here is the preliminary announcement, more info coming soon.

I am also working on costumes for Megacon. Pending the arrival of my ordered fabrics, I hopefully will have two brand new comic book costumes to debut at Megacon. I'll say this much - one is Marvel, one is DC ^_-.

Lastly, check out for a sizable update! New costume gallery addition, new blog post, and preview of a fashion shoot. Hope everyone is having a great and relaxing Sunday morning :)

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demmigoddess Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
Congrats, woman!

and screw that, NYC is fabulous as you well know, and totally made for you. I miss the Village greatly.

You go, girl... looking forward to a quick hi at Megacon :D
drhikaru Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
Congratulations Yaya! I tried accessing your link but it errors on me?
JokerHarley2345 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Congrates on your new job. I hated all the new info I had to learn in such a short time for my job, but after awhile it will all make sense. Can't wait to see new stuff when you have the time.
shinjiasuka4ever Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Welcome to the airline industry, I am a mechanic for US Airways and know all about the fun perk of working for an airline- you can go almost anywhere you want for free or little cost, perfect for cons or vacations. I wouldn't have been able to marry a woman from the Philippines if I actually had to pay the real airfare every time I go out there! Delta has connections all over, including to Japan, other parts of Asia, Africa, Europe... I wish my airline went to Asia, though they are trying to negotiate with Delta to make that happen, but the USA government denied it, it's being appealed now.

Don't forget about Brazil with Delta, am going in 4 weeks to Rio myself- S. America has a lot of great people, I've met a lot of them here on dA so I can't wait to go! Once again, welcome to the club!
Hmiidcdkeeny Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011
Congratulations on your success. Hope to see you in the sky.
chenali Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't wait yaya dear! congrats on such great news! I am going to the con this year I hope to see you there again :)
Hindsightis2020 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
ScottAmbruson Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
God speed. see you at Mega con.
Vader3000 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
oh u may have ran into my cousin's bf there cuz he was doing the same thing and getting a job as fligh attendant. He's big muscle guy.....originally from Europe(forget which country) hopfully not too hard to miss cuz I think he was the only big guy there even there was like hundreds of yall taking the class.
Prue84 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
Congratulation both for the graduation and the book!
cynac Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
Sounds fun & exhausting? Probably the best combination to have out there when it comes to living life to the fullest. As flexible as it can be it still must be a tight schedule; not just the work itself but between your work and your free time as well.

I feel left in the dust now. Me need do more.
stormshadow07 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
claudiasutton Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Professional
Awesome. That's quite an interesting career path. It gives you wonderful opportunities to see the world. :)

DarkSamuraiX1999 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
FenrirBralor Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Congratulations! :D
TheSpazOutLoud Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
congrats! Can't wait to see you at NY Comic Con this year!
Jarrak Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
Wow, great to read a journal with such good news. Congrats on graduating and the book, that's huge, and glad to hear you will continue cosplaying. :)
EnMity88 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
Wow! Congrats on the graduation and the book! What a wonderful way to start the year, huh?
GeraldII Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
Congratulations, glad thins are going so well for you.
MTheRingmasterS Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
Congrats, Yaya!!! <333
dramaelfie Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
Congrats! I've always had good experiences with Delta, in fact, this past January, I was flying down to Florida when I started to feel ill. The drink/snack service had already started, but when the attendants saw that I was about to be sick, they immediately stopped service and pushed the cart back so I could get to the bathroom in time. Later, they came to check up on me and brought me a cup of water.
Berry-Kitsune Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats Yaya! My uncle's brother works for Delta in the baggage claim in New York, I love flying Delta such a great airline! Good luck with everything! Can't wait to see the book and I hope you have success in everything you do! <3
Sobaku-no-Sarah Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
Have fun! I suggest you try and go see a musical while you're in NYC. La Cage and Chicago are two awesome ones if you've got the time. :)

And also CONGRATS! Too bad I'm flying Jet Blue soon. It would be crazy if I had you as a flight attendant XD
Kenichi2point0 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
Congrats on graduating! :w00t:
jactinglim Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Professional General Artist
BrokenHeater Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
eh from what people told me NY doesn't seem that great =/
delphin714 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats to you!! I'm very very proud of you :)
Greyroamer Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
Congratulations to you! I hope it works out!Just curious, will you be in the NY area during Icon on Long Island?
EwokJedi Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Congrats on your graduation! :)
DiabolicClockwork Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
I wish I could go. But have fun and be safe!
TekRep Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
Congratulations, and welcome to the Metro area!

Do send some time shopping in all those little boutiques on 5th Avenue... But don't spend your money. Save it for [link] People fly in from Japan to shop there. I mean seriously, who knew Salvatore Ferragamo had an outlet? Or Versace? Or YSL, or Prada, or Sherpa,....?

Meantime, I'm contemplating switching my loyalty from Continental to Delta... If I was ever on a flight and saw you working I think I would flip out and go totally fanboi...
Mangamad Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay! Well done Sweety. \^o^/

Does that mean you'll be attending cons by plane? \O_o;;?/
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