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December 30, 2012


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Hey everyone! Just a end of year reminder of all my social media pages, where I post everyday!

Besides Twitter, this is the page where I am the most active. Daily photo posts, musings, convention appearance announcements, any cool project announcements... Definitely recommend you following my Facebook if you want to get to know me!

I love Twitter and use it everyday, all the time. I would say my personality comes through the most on Twitter because of it's casual conversational platform. Hope to see you on there!

Yaya's Online Cosplay Store: For anyone interested in my cosplay accessories, such as My Little Pony ears, horns and wings, cat ears and fox ears, demon wings, elf ears etc... this is the place to purchase them! My 2013 calendar is also available here, but I am close to selling out.

Yaya's signed photo prints: I get print requests on deviantART all the time and this is the place to purchase them. I sign and personalize each photo and they are printed on 8x12 high resolution glossy photo paper.                    

Yaya's YouTube: I have just started using YouTube and will be posting a lot more videos in the new year! Definitely subscribe to my channel and look out for more videos coming soon :)

Yaya's Instagram: I'm starting to enjoy posting on Instagram immensely. All kinds of random photos make their way on my Instagram account daily lol.

Yaya's Tumblr

Of course there is my website, which has a large gallery of all of my cosplay and modeling work.

There you have it! All the places on the intrawebs where you can find me!
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I'm very grateful for finding you here on DA, you are such an amazing cosplayer! Everything you do is amazing and gorgeous!
So much Yaya on the internet ^^
Merry X-mas and a happy new year!
Ever have a problem with people claiming to be you?
BlizzardTerrak Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
done ^^;

Hope to converse with ya somehow ^^;
Any where we can have a nice conversation? :p Dont think Facebook would be good for one lol
Chaos-Broly Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
TheMan268 Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I follow you on Twitter and I am now following you on Tumblr! :)
TonyCampagna Dec 30, 2012  Professional General Artist
Much appreciated. Following your links now.
Thanks for the links! ^_^
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