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October 23, 2011



So New York Comic Con happened, and exceeded all of my expectations! As an exhibitor, NYCC is a hard show to set up at because of the Javits Center's location and inaccessibility to a lot of things, but I got to load in on Tuesday before a lot of other vendors arrived, which helped a lot. On Wednesday I could relax and do a photoshoot with Filipino Photographer Jay Tablante. We did three costume looks and I can't wait to see the photos! Thank you, Jay, for the opportunity to shoot together. Here are a couple of phone pic snapshots of some of the costumes we shot - Amber and Catwoman!

On Thursday I finished setting up and the hall opened for 3 hours in the    afternoon. I changed into Amber just in time for the first Cosplay  For  a  Cause calendar signing at my booth, with Riddle and  Marie-Claude. I  was  pulled aside for an interview and photos with the  New York Post for  an  article they published in the Sunday paper, which  turned out to be   rather disappointing and misleading. It was nice to  meet some Sucker Punch fans though and do some more shots in Amber. I  was salute-happy that day :)

Friday was Girls with Guns day for me lol - I got into Baroness from G.I. Joe early in the day and did a photoshoot as well as videoshoot. I also took advantage of the Hasboro booth's G.J. Joe background stand haha. Later that afternoon I donned my newest costume, made for NYCC and the Jay Tablante shoot - Domino ala X-Force of the Marvel Universe. I made the bodysuit out of a rubber coated spandex and gunmetal grey knit, in a custom pattern designed by me. The eye tattoo is a silicone patch, so I wouldn't have to paint it on every time. Gathering the arsenal was the most fun part of the costume I think. I have 2 hand guns, a P-90, 2 sets of throwing knives and a big knife strapped to my arm lol. Felt particularly badass as Domino.  
Seth Green came by my booth so I had to ask him for a photo! Also got to pose on the Marvel Avengers stage for a bit and do a live stream interview in the Marvel Skybox Studio, yay!

Saturday started off with Catwoman (hung out with the Christian Bale Batman suit at Legendary Pictures booth for a while), and another successful Cosplay For a Cause signing. I want to thank Meagan-Marie, Riddle and Marie-Claude for taking time out of their busy schedule to walk over to my booth each morning to do the signing with me. I think the fans really appreciated seeing us together and the calendar sold well with our combined presence. It was really awesome of them to each do a brand new photoshoot for the calendar, but to make the effort to partake in at-con signings really shows how much they care about the cause and the charity effort. At the end of the year we are announcing on the website how much money will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross, and these ladies really went the extra mile to help push for those numbers. One of the guys who bought a calendar, Joseph, have us a nice print of the 4 of us! I also got to do a video interview with Nerd Caliber where I talk about the calendar.

Later that day I changed into my USO Girl outfit and went to the Marvel stage, in hopes of meeting the Avengers cast. A huge Thank You to Judy and Mike for allowing us the opportunity to get posters signed and photos taken with Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston! The shot with Chris even ended up on Entertainment Weekly's article about new Avengers footage being released at NYCC. I was happy to get my helmet signed by Chris and Tom as well <3

On Sunday I wore my Steampunk Madam costume and did an off-site photoshoot with Anna Fisher, who rented out the Juliet Supper Club for a few hours. I am a great admirer of Anna's photos and it is always a pleasure to shoot with her. These images of the Steampunk outfit are some of my very favorites. The fabulous hat is a loaner from The Blond Swan, who have asked me for a while to model for them. This was a great opportunity to grab some commercial shots for them as well.

All together it was an amazing weekend - I met so many great people and got to see my friends a lot as well. What more can a girl ask for? Definitely posting more photos soon, and I'll also try to do con reports more often. It's all a matter of time lol.  

(Contributing photos by Brian Boling, Joseph Lin, Anna Fisher, Judy Stephens, Jay Tablante Team, Mike Rogers, Ron Gejon, Nancy Rivera, Northcountry Boy and unknown)
Last thing I will leave you with is a gallery addition - Baroness Ana DeCobray from G.I. Joe! Enjoy the photos and costume construction notes!*NEW*

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olukemi Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011  Professional General Artist
I didn't get to see you Saturday of NYCC, but my friends managed to get a picture of you!
DMN666 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Seth Green was there?!
Damn, wish i saw him.
thirdhand Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011
excellent diversity - the short hair (Domino) looks great
artwiz82 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011
glad i was there!
MISSluna-kitsune Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2011
it was an honor to finally see you in person at the con, if i had had more cash on me and new york wasnt so expensive i wouldve gotten your autograph at your booth, i always envy your cosplay skills!! =)
claudiasutton Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2011  Professional
Wow, that sounds amazing. Glad to hear you had fun.
jactinglim Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2011  Professional General Artist
I am so glad for this very detailed and informative post! And also for clearing up about that article by New York Post. That's very unfair of them to do to you :(
Nsaia Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Looks and sounds like you had an amazing time there - the New York Post article was hardly the best advert for cosplayers, sorry to hear they mislead you about it though:(
DarkSamuraiX1999 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011
Love the Catwoman shots ^^
Lunangel07 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011  Hobbyist
Totally amazing weekend you have. And your costumes as usual rock. ^_^
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