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I can't believe it is that time of year again. July is about to hit me upside the head with Anime Expo, San Diego Comic Con and Otakon. Yes I will be at all three.

Anime Expo is first, and I am on a plane to Los Angeles right now to meet a horde of 40,000+ anime/video game/sci-fi/comic hungry people at a cavernous convention center. Do I feel prepared? .....Somewhat. I always feel overwhelmed at the thought of AX, but then I remember, I have been going to this con since 1999! And I've done just about everything you can do there, from competing in the Masquerade (costume contest), displaying at the Art Show, selling prints in the Artist Alley, doing photoshoots, giving panels, and exhibiting in the MASSIVE dealer hall. That thought usually makes me excited to get out to AX, which is what I'm feeling now.

So come Friday, you can find me at the Exhibit Booth #815 at the convention's South Hall. Here is a map of where I'll be - click for larger:

I will be doing a panel presentation on Friday, the 29th June: Sociology of Cosplay, 1pm, room #411. If you have always been curious about the unique social structure in Cosplay, stop by and give it a listen, maybe share your experiences too!

Not only will my 2013 calendar be available for perusing, sale and signing, but I have been working my tail off to produce a full stock of my cosplay accessories! I will also have prints, t-shirts and other merch at the table, and of course I will be cosplaying all weekend, so come by and say hi!

Pre-order now! The Yaya Han 2013 Cosplay Calendar - Limited Edition

For the past few months I have been hard at work with designer David Terres and photographers such as Anna Fisher and Paul Tien, to produce this 12 month collection of my favorite and best costumes. Here is the 1st teaser image, featuring my brand new Art Nouveau Chun Li cosplay (designed by :iconrazvan-sedekiah:), shot by Paul Tien. I'll be releasing more teasers this month so check back for more! At the end of the month I will release the back cover image, with even more teasers of each of the month images.
New Chun Li cosplay - Calendar Pre-order by yayacosplay
Calendar info: For the first time ever, Yaya's best costuming and cosplay photos are collected in this Exlcusive 2013 Limited Edition Calendar.
Printed on high quality glossy paper, you will receive a collection  of 12 mostly new and never before seen images of Yaya's favorite cosplays at 11x17 display, with a personal quote accompanying each  month. The full calendar opens to 11x12 inches.
Each purchase will receive an autographed and personalized calendar by Yaya. Just note the name to be signed to in the payment.
This is a pre-order for the calendar, which will ship mid July 2012. Domestic USA orders will receive FREE SHIPPING! International order only pay $10USD shipping.
Click to order!


EDIT: GAAAAAAH! At some point yesterday or today I reached 1 million pageviews on my Deviantart profile and totally spaced on it!!

I meant to make a contest for screen-capping the millionth pageview and give away a poster, but between the calendar release, 3 con tour and working to prep for Anime Expo, I totally forgot to keep an eye on the counter. >_<
Usually comment counts and view counts do not matter to me but Deviantart has become a place where I showcase only my best and favorite work - a Best Of collection so to speak. It means A LOT to me to know that so many people have been interested in seeing my cosplay photos on DA, including artists and creators who I respect greatly.
So at least I will say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who watches me on Deviantart. I really really appreciate it. I will continue creating and posting! <3

I survived Fanime and A-kon! Arguably the most stressful 2 weeks of the year, based on past years, I've been working non-stop to prepare for them. I am happy to report that both events were a success, albeit with small mishaps such as a shoe breaking right in the middle of a photoshoot of me wearing a very elaborate hard to move in costume.

I did debut a new costume at Fanime and wore it to A-kon as well. Here is the first pro shot of me as Chun Li (Art Nouveau style, designed by  Razvan-Sedekiah on Deviantart, costume made by me) - by Yosi  Photography.


More photos coming soon, as I get them.

This weekend is Albuquerque Comic Expo, which is shaping up to be a huge event. I am appearing as their Cosplay Guest and look forward to meeting everyone at my Artist Alley table #D14.

Here is a map of the hall and where I will be! (click to see larger version)

I will be signing posters, prints, t-shirts and other merchandise all weekend long and also have a selection of my cosplay accessories available.  

See the panel schedule for my 2 panels over the weekend, on Friday at 5pm and Saturday at 1pm, both in Panel Room C. I will also be hosting the Children's Costume contest on Sunday! Hoping to see a few mini Avengers :)

I will be cosplaying all weekend, including the debut of a new costume on Saturday! Here is my finalized costume list:

Flying out in a few hours, see you soon in New Mexico!
Long time no update, sorry guys! I have been hard at work on products and costumes. May has flown by and I haven't stopped to smell the roses. I think the only indulgence I allowed myself in May was seeing Avengers twice on Opening weekend.

But hard work pays off and I am guns blazing ready for Fanime this weekend, as well as A-kon next weekend.

I'm flying out to San Jose tomorrow morning, and it will be a long and BUSY day. First I will drop off luggage at the hotel, then race to the Winchester Mystery House for a long awaited tour, then off to the Crunchyroll Headquarter for my Guest appearance on The Live Show at 7pm PDT! I have a surprise announcement that not even the Crunchyroll crew knows about! Feel free to log on at at 7pm PST tomorrow to watch the episode. You can also ask questions through the website!

Fanime costume schedule is as follows:

Friday - Rarity from My Little Pony
Saturday - new cosplay debut! A little sneak peek for you!
Sunday - Granado Espada Wizard
Monday I will be in plain clothes modeling my products (unless I feel like throwing Rarity on again). I'll be at my booth in the exhibitor hall all weekend except a couple of hours a day when I'll be doing photoshoots. I will have a fully stocked booth with cosplay accessories, prints, posters and t-shirts. Come and visit meeeeeeee! ♥

I'll make a post about A-kon when I come home (for all of 2 days lol) with my cosplay schedule, panel schedule etc. as well as post about Albuquerque Comic Expo the weekend following. A lot happening in June!
Those of you at Anime Central in Chicago know that I am absent from the event this weekend, for I am in Germany visiting my mom! I've been here since Tuesday and it's really really nice to be with family and in the country where I grew up. The daily lifestyle in Europe truly is so different from the USA. I don't understand how everyone can be so stressed and work their bums off in the States (myself included) and not get to ENJOY things as much as people do here in Germany on an everyday-basis.
Today I visited Heidelberg and the castle ruins there, it was beautiful and I took some photos on my phone (for mobility's sake) here:…
Needless to say, I am enjoying my week away from the hustle & bustle of the USA very much. But after returning to Atlanta next week I will be back to work on costumes, products and other exciting things. I do love my work after all, so no worries, new content coming soon lol.

I'm also happy to announce that I will have a Popup Shop at the My Little Pony Night Out at Japan LA on Saturday, May 5th! It's the kick off to the MLP 2012 Project Los Angeles! My line of fun cosplay products will be available at the Japan LA store from 5pm on that day and I'll be cosplaying Rarity as well! Here is the FB events page for the Night Out:

And here is the FB event page for the MLP Project!…
Hope to see you there! ♥ Cosplay is encouraged as I will give a discount off my products to anyone to comes in costume!

Last but not least, I am also pleased to add logo t-shirts to my website store - in men's and women's sizes! This is my first foray into t-shirts so I hope you guys like them. Logo designed by Mark Wasyl, shirts printed through Jinyo's help. My gorgeous models are Jessica Nigri and Vann, with images shot by the talented 12North Photography! I am incredibly grateful to my friends for helping me make these shirts happen!

You can purchase them here!………
I have finally caved... All this peer pressure and people threatening to make this page for me... I thought, if there must be a fanpage dedicated to my breasts, shouldn't at least I be in control of it?

So here it is: The Yaya Han's Boobs page - please go ahead and Hit LIKE if you appreciate my chestal region, in or out of costume.

................................................................. If any of you think I'm serious even for a second, I'm gonna smack you. Happy April Fool's Day. Please do feel free to LIKE the page if you got a laugh out of it. I'm deleting it at midnight and am curious just how many LIKES my boobs could garner in under 24 hours... Thanks for laughing with me!!
I don't even know how I heard about the Run For Your Lives zombie 5K obstacle courses a couple of months ago.
All I knew was - there is an event where you have to run from zombies! That literally sounded like the coolest thing on earth to me. I checked out the website and was super intrigued, even though the $70+USD entry fee seemed outrageous to me. I was also apprehensive of the fact that there was no large Charity attachment to these runs, and only a link to the Red Cross at the bottom of the page, next to the sponsors. No mention of actual contribution amount or any charitable efforts. I feel like if you're gonna charge this much money for an entry fee, some of it should be for a good cause, right?  </p>

But I had just started training with Personal Trainer Nick and the March 3rd 2012 Atlanta run was a perfect benchmark goal to work toward. It was before the busy convention season, when every weekend would mean traveling to another city for me, and truly, I adore zombies.  

So I signed up for the run, and after fees and taxes my transaction total was $92.

Insert "Rocky"-esque montage of me running, hiking in the mountains and weight lifting. LOL.

This morning I made the trek out to the Atlanta run. Ok, they call it the "Atlanta" event, but it was actually held in Union Point, GA, a tiny town 2 and a half HOURS drive from Atlanta!! Last night we had Thunderstorms (and a tornado) in GA and it rained through the night and for most of the day today. We got up at 5am, left ATL at 6:15 and finally made it to the event lot at 8:45 where we were greeted with smart-ass signs demanding $10 for parking. By the time we walked to the Registration area and signed in, our sneakers and legs were already covered in mud. It would be one of those messy days but we were ready to take on the MUD!!!


Upon walking into the main Safe Zone compound, we noticed immediately that there wasno set up for runners to stretch (it was so muddy you couldn't stretch), no central water stations, and in fact the Staff made us throw out our drinks when we arrived! It was disappointing to see that this event is not focused on athleticism at all.

Also, Brian was awesome and came along to drive us to the event, and to take photos of us. He had to pay $35 just to get a wristband and to be a Spectator. On a miserable rainy day, that was no fun for him.

So our team - TrainerNick, Tanner and I, filed into this tunnel with about 100 (?) runners and waited for them to open the gate to our Wave at 10am. As we shot out of the gate, it was cold and raining. The mud was ankle deep and slippery as heck, and the suction each step made so strong that it could pull off your shoe. Fitness wise, I loved the challenge and enjoyed the jog, having to balance myself, trying not to slide and working against the suction. Definitely a great work out.

Until the zombies tried to take your flags lol.

See, each runner got 3 flags on a waist band, and the zombies tried to rip those off. They are not allowed to touch you, just rip the flags. If you lost all your flags, you didn't "survive" and wouldn't get a time award at the end. The rule is, runners can't touch the zombies, and zombies can't touch runners. Think - Haunted House scare rules.
First off, it is hard to evade a zombie in the mud. I originally imagined that the undead would come up BEHIND you at certain stations and make you run faster.. that seems to make sense when the advertisement is "Run From Undead". But this morning, at various points there would be 5 - 8 zombies blocking the path, and runners had to dart PAST them. In the slippery mud, that is frigging hard. I managed to lose the first flag at the first obstacle: Climbing several large bales of hay.

After that I saved my energy by walking or lightly jogging between obstacles and sprinting past the zombies. Other bootcamp type obstacles included: water filled mud pond with logs that you hard to hurdle, large tires to climb/jump on, hurdles, mud pool up to your waist to wade through, climbing a net, climbing a wall then sliding down the other side etc. AND A LAKE TO SWIM THROUGH. I do not have any photos of the main portion of the course since Brian had to stay behind in the camp and was awaiting us at the Finish Line for photos. But let me say, these obstacles were legit, a lot of fun, and sometimes a bit scary. I cursed a lot when we came to the lake lol. They had a guide rope but the water was deep enough that you truly had to swim, and it was ICE cold and brown from mud. I think most everyone regretted getting into the lake instead of using the optional walking path, but I felt like I paid a lot of money for this experience so I wanted all of it. One nice thing about the lake was it did wash off a lot of the mud accumulation on my body and shoes lol.

But I do want to talk about the unpleasant portion of the race, which was asshole zombies. See, instead of hiring a horde of zombies, Run For Your Lives simply allows anyone to register as a zombie, for an entry fee of $25, You heard me - even the zombies had to PAY to be part of the event. And anyone off the street could do it - they throw you in a barn, go over some rules quickly, give you 5 minutes (!) for makeup and send you out to chase runners. Of course, 90% of all the zombies were great sports and played their part well. Some were slower and creepy, and some were aggressive and sprinted after you. If you think about it, the zombies have time to rest between sprints and grabs while the runners are exhausted from dealing with the obstacles and conditions. I realized halfway through the run that it would be very very hard to keep even 1 flag, due to the sheer number of zombies (350) and length/difficulty of the course. I don't think ANYONE in our Wave made it to the Finish Line with a flag. What ruined the fun for me was the zombie in a dark suit in the grassy field who broke character to yell taunts at the runners (such as "I'm gonna get that tough one! That one's mine!"), and TACKLE people to the ground. He came after me and shoved me down into the brush, and while I'm still on the ground, this guy kneeling OVER ME said "Oh no big deal, I bit it a couple of times.", then before I could even stand up, he ripped my flag off with a condescending "Thanks!"
His behavior was rude and uncalled for, and against the rules. This guy clearly was there just to bully people and he had a skirt of flags to prove it. People like this asshole take the fun out of the run and I didn't pay $93 plus $10 parking and drove over 2 hours to be tackled down and taunted. And I was not the only one. My team and I witnessed other runners getting tackled, pushed and run down. I think when the organization planned this run, they did not establish enough rules for runner-zombie interaction. Yes, in a real zombie apocalypse, the undead would sprint after you relentlessly (if you go by Dawn of the Dead or Zombieland), BUT the Living would also not just be running away, careful not to touch the zombies.... they would have an arsenal of WEAPONS to KILL the zombies with!!! That is where I think the organizers failed to take into account. If we can't defend ourselves against zombies in this game, they should not be able to full on run after us, especially when the obstacles already tire out the runners. I really would have loved to have seen zombie ambushes or sneak attacks, like hiding behind bushes, trees, camouflaged areas, instead of simply having zombies block your way.

Aside from that, I enjoyed the physical aspect of this course a lot. Brian caught some truly great shots of the final hill slide and mud pond before the Finish line. Here is my end of run:

Brian also got these awesome shots of TrainerNick, Tanner and these other guys coming down for the last part:

The mud turned me orange after the run:

To sum up this event, the best thing I got out of it is a genuine interest to do more obstacle course races and mud runs. The fitness aspect of these things is off the chain! I loved every minute of being outdoors, running and climbing and swimming and getting muddy all the while lol.

I also loved the idea of a zombie themed run. In the case of Run For Your Lives though, they failed at providing an event worth the ticket price. I ended up enjoying the obstacles and the run itself a lot more than dealing with the "zombies". They didn't scare me (and I am easily scared!!!) -  once I lost the flags there was no incentive to run from them, and they didn't bother to come after you anymore. The exhilaration of running from zombies only lasted for the first few minutes, then it became dealing with humans in bad special effects makeup acting like bullies.
The absolute WORST part about Run For Your Lives is the overpriced entry fees for runners, zombies AND watchers, and the fact that none of it is supporting a Charity. I spoke to one of the main organizers, Megan, after the race, and she swore they donate to the Red Cross. But she also admitted that the Red Cross didn't show up to the race. That to me translated into the Red Cross not being supported enough to warrant an excursion to this zombie race. Neither on the Run For Your Lives website nor at the race are any tangible information on the Red Cross or HOW it is supported. There is also no sense of rallying the participants to be charitable, no booths or advertisements to raise awareness or allow for donations.

Run For Your Lives is a pure For Profit event organized by Reed Street Productions, who pocket the tremendous monetary intake without giving back to the community. The set up of the Safe Zone was sloppy, with no thought or care provided to the athletes. It's just an overpriced party disguised as an athletic event.

For most people, that is enough. But for me, I definitely didn't get $145 worth of zombie themed entertainment out of it. I am proud of myself and my team for having completed the obstacle course despite the miserable conditions, and I got a great work out. But I will not support Run For Your Lives or Reed Productions anymore. I will not participate in this race again. I would rather sign up for a charity driven race for $45 and donate $100 to another cause.

There are many charity races out there, for those who are interested. if you have to pay and you have to run, why not do it to help others and raise awareness? For example, coming up is the Turtle Trot at Tybee Island, a 5K Beach run Fundraiser benefiting the Sea Turtle Project. There is also the Dirty Girl Mud Run, which raises awareness for breast cancer and a portion of the sign up fee is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. For Georgians, there is the Run Georgia website which lists all the races in the State and if they support a charity. I definitely will be signing up for more runs in the future. And I think there are a lot of better options for less money benefiting a greater cause than Run For Your Lives.


Katsucon was out of this world! I had an amazing time and can not thank Christine and Grig enough for inviting me out for the event this year. I don't even know where to begin! The Gaylod Hotel was gorgeous and so nice to the attendees, the World Cosplay Summit was hosting the US Preliminaries during Katsucon, photograpghers from around the county (and other countries) flocked to the convention to take video and still images, and Katsucon wouldn't be complete without the thousands of amazing cosplayers who brought such beautiful costumes to wear.

I started out Friday by getting into my Litchi Faye Ling cosplay from BlazBlue! Thank you Laurel for this shot:

click to see larger photo

After hanging out at my Merchants booth for a while and greeting the attendees at Opening Ceremonies, I changed into my Christie costume from Dead or Alive, for a group meet with 3 other DoA girls. Photos coming soon! That night I hosted my popular Sociology of Cosplay panel and was happy to see a packed standing room only room full of cosplayers eager to share their stories. We ran out of the 1 hour slot super fast. I will need more minutes next time. Wherever I go, I advocate "Anyone can cosplay", no matter their gender, race, age, height, weight, bodytype etc. It is so important for cosplayers to be positive toward each other, and understanding of each others' situations. It warms my heart whenever I meet like-minded people and at during the Sociology panel I was happy to meet all of you.

Saturday was THE big day for me. I agreed to take on the craftsmanship and performance judging duties for the Katsucon Masquerade, as well as host the World Cosplay Summit afterward. It was also the day I was debuting the new costume I had been working on like mad. I got up at 7:30am to iron Carmilla and lay out all of my costume pieces, and by 10:30am I was suited up and ready to hit the con.

My new cosplay is another Granado Espada Wizard design, that has been on my list for a while now. It involves a corset, heavy mermaid skirt, a hoop skirt and full petticoat underneath, 7 inch heels because in order to get to Silhouette of the dress right, I had to be much taller than I am, and a hat that covered my left eye lol. Walking, or more like hobbling, in that costume was fun.

Photos by Joseph Lin, Anna Fisher and Judy Stephens - click to see larger images

I started having a sore throat on Thursday morning and by Saturday I was struck with a full blown cold. Thankfully TrainerNick and Paloma from Security took great care of me all day, making sure I took medicine and ate regularly. I managed to sneak in some Wizard photos with the talented people above and Slave To Anime, then it was time to craftsmanship judge the Masquerade contestants. That took 3 hours, I walked around a bit and then settled in for the Masquerade itself. It was fantastic this year and we enjoyed the skits especially. Congrats to the giant Zelda group for winning Best in Show! My favorite skit was the Ranma group, as I grew up with the manga and anime and they did such an amazing job with the writing and execution of the performance, not to mention super clean well made costumes. I was so happy to see a perfect Ranma skit on stage.

With no break after the Masquerade, I marched into the Green Room of the World Cosplay Summit Prelims, to go over last minute technical stage related things. So many amazing costumes were fluttering around backstage! I wished the groups good luck and got ready for my cue to go on stage.

Hosting the WCS was a huge honor and great experience - thank you again to Laura and Ed for letting me be a part of the event. I had the best seat in the house! Watching the performances up close made me appreciate all the hard work the cosplayers put into them even more. Before I knew it, all 22 teams did their skits and the judges went to deliberate. As I had a lot of friends competing, I was just as nervous as they were, anticipating the winners. I was overjoyed to hear Katie and Diana announced as Team USA - these laides will represent our country well in Japan. Keep up with them on Facebook over here!  
After the coongratulations it was past midnight and I had been in costume for 13 hours. There was nothing left to do but to change and fall in to bed.

Sunday morning came early for me - I had a videoshoot appointment with Ackson at 9am with my Carmilla - Vampire Hunter D costume. I started getting read at 7:30am and managed to get out the door in full costume by 10am!! Ackson recorded some of me getting ready in the room, and footage on the floor of Katsucon. The video he produced is unreal, I am so shocked at the artistry and soul this man puts into his videos. The level of sophistication is incredible, yet he always maintains a sense of humor as well.

Please enjoy Ackson's 2nd Katsucon video, there are some amazing costumes featured in here!

I also did some photos with various photographers on the floor, including Last 2 images are by Gary Thompson and I-Hate-The-World. Thank you!

Click to see larger images

I'll leave you with a couple of fun shots of Carmilla and Ponies! Left image is by Fenyx Designs!

Overall an amazing amazing convention, despite being sick the entire time I got to do everything I set out to, and my friends took such wonderful care of me that it made me appreciate them that much more. Can not wait until Katsucon 2013!

Here is my finalized Katsucon schedule. As you can see, it is jam packed.


    Merchant Hall table set up (location: A3)


    Cosplaying Litchi Faye Ling from BlazBlue
    2:00pm - Signing at table A3 inside Merchant Hall
    4:30pm - Opening Ceremonies in Main Events (Hall Potomac A & B)
    7:00pm Dead or Alive cosplay group -as Christie
    9:00pm - Sociology of Cosplay panel in panel room 3 which is named "Harbor 6"


    Debuting new video game costume
    11am - 1pm - I'll be floating from my vendor table A3 to photoshoots
    1pm - Craftsmanship judge for the Masquerade
    5:30pm - Masquerade (Performance judge) in Main Events (Hall Potomac A & B)
    9:00pm - Host for World Cosplay Summit Preliminaries in Main Events (Hall Potomac A & B)


    Cosplaying Carmilla from Vampire Hunter D
    10:00am - Carmilla video shoot with Ackson (marble floor by Gazebo), photographers welcome
    After the shoot I will be hanging around my vendor table, A3, inside the Merchans Hall

I am super excited to a part of Katsucon this year - had to miss it in 2011 which makes this trip that much sweeter. Hope to meet many new friends and catch up with all my dear buddies who I haven't seen in so long. I'm hard at work on my new costume, it will be interesting to wear it for 12+ hours on Saturday since my schedule won't permit much of a break.
The iPad based pop-culture magazine "Champion!" is celebrating the release of a brand new issue today. I had the honor of posing for the cover in my self-made Scarlet Witch costume from Marvel's "Avengers" series.

Champion Magazine cover by yayacosplay

Photography was done by radio legend Howard Stern, the location was a beautiful townhouse in Manhattan.

You can download the issue for $0.99 from the App store - it is an interactive magazine designed for the iPad with a ton of great interviews, reviews, galleries & more!

The style of the photoshoot was an Editorial look at the world of cosplay featuring well-known characters from the sci-fi and comic book realms. There were 6 cosplayers including me and my smexy girlfriends :iconklytae: and :iconmostflogged:. We had 7 hours in this unique opulent townhouse and produced photos in 4 separate locations within. You can see a video of the behind-the-scenes happenings and photos from the shoot here!

An interview with Champion! producers about the shoot and magazine is here.

Thank you to everyone at Champion!, Howard, Judy Stephens of Mavel and my fellow cosplayers for the great experience!
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This took a while to compile but I have a solid list of all the event I'm traveling to this year, up until September. More will be added as I confirm them, and the shows past Dragoncon will be updated in a few months. This list is long enough for now.

If you're curious whether or not I'll be at a convention near you, this should provide all the answers. I look forward to all of them and to meeting lots of new friends :)

Naka-Kon: 10th - 12th Feb, Kansas City, KS *Cosplay Guest and Vendor*

17th - 19th Feb, National Harbor, MD *Cosplay Guest and Vendor*

17th - 19th Feb, Orlando, FL *Vendor* Due to my committed appearance at Katsucon this weekend, I will not be at Megacon myself. has a presence in the dealer hall with my full line of cosplay products. </p>

CMJC 40th Anniversary Edition: March 16 - 18, Monterrey, Mexico *Cosplay Guest*

Cosplay ComCom: March 31st, Tijuana, Mexico *Cosplay Guest*

Anime Matsuri: April 6 - 8, Houston, TX *Cosplay Guest*

Sakuracon: April 6 - 8, Seattle, WA *Exhibitor* Due to my committed appearance at Anime Matsuri this weekend, I will  not be at Sakuracon myself. has a presence in the Exhibitor hall  with my full line of cosplay products .

MTAC: April 6 - 8: , Nashville, TN *Vendor* Due to my committed appearance at Anime Matsuri this weekend, I will not be  at MTAC myself. has a presence in the dealer hall with my  full line of cosplay products.

Anime Central: April 27 - 29, Chicago, IL *Exhibitor*

FanimeCon: May 25 - 28:, San Jose, CA *Exhibitor*

A-kon: June 1- 3, Dallas, TX *Cosplay Guest and Vendor*

Albuquerque Comic Expo:
June 8- 10, Albuquerque, NM *Media Guest*

Anime Expo: June 29- July 2, Los Angeles, CA *Exhibitor*

San Diego Comic Con: July 16 - 18, San Diego, CA

Otakon: July 27- 29, Baltimore, MD *Exhibitor*

Animethon: August 10 - 12, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada *Cosplay Guest*

Dragoncon: August 31 - September 3, Atlanta, GA *Dealer*

More events will be added as I confirm travel plans. If you would like to see me at your convention or event, please visit my booking page for more info. (I can fly for free so getting to places even last minute is a breeze.)

Heading out to San Jose, Costa Rica, this morning, for BoomCon! These are my costume choices for the weekend, heat in mind.

Ada Wong on Saturday, and Litchi Faye Ling on Sunday

I will have a greeting table in the hall where I'll be available for photos and autographs, and I am doing 1 panel on Saturday and 2 panels on Sunday.
Looking forward to meeting everyone there! A lot of great artists will also be present and I can't wait to check out their new work.

After the weekend I will have a chance to sight see and explore Costa Rica as it's my first time there. I had to dig through boxes in my basement to pack summer clothes since I had stashed them away lol. It'll be nice to wear shorts and tank tops for a change! I am a summer/hot weather girl at heart and look forward to the sun and jungle :)

See you guys soon!
It's finally that time! Your chance to bid on a FULLY AUTOGRAPHED Cosplay For a Cause calendar, with signatures from all 18 cosplayers and the 3 professional comic book artists who donated their time to create this 2012 calendar.

100% of the funds raised will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

We have been promoting this calendar since July last year and are close to selling out! It was a huge undertaking to get all of the cosplayers in it, who live around the world, to sign this one calendar and it is a highly collectible, one of a kind, piece!

Please take a look at  the EBay auction, and spread the word!! We want to raise as much as possible for the Tsunami victims of Japan, they still need a lot of help and the News has for the most part moved onto other matters.…………

Posting from my hotel room in Austin, TX. After a much too exciting day and a half of making products, shipping orders, packing, locking my key inside the car, last minute errands and airport fun times, I am laying in bed in the comfy At&T hotel, where Ikkicon day zero is already happenin', RELAXING. It's pretty awesome.

This is what I'll be wearing this weekend!

Friday: Gothic Princess, Saturday: NEW COSPLAY DEBUT!, Sunday: Rarity - MLP!

I am hosting 2 panels this weekend, details on the convention schedule.

I updated my travel schedule with three new convention guest appearances, which starts off 2012 with a bang and a 5 week convention tour for me. Here are the 4 upcoming shows while I'm waiting on confirmation on the last one.

Ikkicon: 30th Dec 2011 - 1st Jan 2012, Austin, TX  *Cosplay Guest and Vendor*

Sukoshicon: 7th - 8th Jan, Destin, FL *Guest of Honor and Vendor* Register with code:yayafan2011 and receive $5 off!!

Alburquerque Comic Con: 13th - 15th Jan, Albuquerque, NM *Anime Guest and Vendor*  

Boomcon: 21st - 22nd Jan, Costa Rica  *Cosplay Guest*

Why are so many cons going on simultaneously in January?! I was torn  between Sukoshicon, ALA and Arizona Comic Con for next weekend, but in  the end my desire to be ON THE BEACH won out. Yes, Sukoshicon is held ON THE FRIGGING BEACH in the same gorgeous resort hotel as Anime South a few years back, where I was also a Guest and had a fantastic experience. I am excited to return to Destin and enjoy a weekend of anime, cosplay and ocean.

If you are going to Sukoshicon but have not registered yet, use this code:yayafan2011 and receive $5 off!!

More from me after this weekend's shenanigans, have a happy new year, everyone!


I'm back home from hiding out in a mountain cabin for a few days... had a lovely relaxing yet pretty productive Christmas.  I've been going non-stop this year so it was nice to be on a forced break, eat good food, be with loved ones, give and receive nice presents... and finish a costume!

Those who've been following me for a while know how much I love crafting - sewing, patterning, beading, sculpting, casting, painting... costume making allows me to constantly be creative and even after all these years and all these costumes, what I do for fun and relaxation is costume crafting. If I didn't have a business to run or daily responsibilities, that is all I'd be doing.

I am very happy to have taken some time in December to do just that, and I'll have a new costume to debut at Ikkicon this weekend, in Austin. With 3 - 4 being worked on right now for later con debuts.

Ikkicon kicks off the new year like it has for me for the past three years! Austin is a fun city to celebrate New Year's Eve in, with 6th street just a couple of blocks from the hotel. And the flat landscape ensures that I'll get a great view of fireworks again. I'll be helping out with the costume contest again, running a couple of cosplay panels and my cosplay products will be available at my booth right outside the dealer hall.
After Ikkicon I'll be making Guest appearances in Destin, FL, Alburqueque, New Mexico, and San Jose, Costa Rica in January. It's a jam-packed month!

I'm still uploading images to my  WorldCosplay account, hope to see many other cosplayers there!

I also updated my website with Rarity and My Little Pony photos :)
I finally got around to joining Cure, the huge Japanese cosplay community website. For a long time it was only in Japanese so I didn't sign up, then my costume collection grew so exponentially that I got tired just THINKING about adding all those costumes to a new community O_O.

But I was asked to help support a new cosplay website called, made by the same organizers as Cure. It promotes social interactions between cosplayers from around the world and has a sleek simple setup. I made an account on which you can find here.

Since I was uploading photos anyway, I also joined Cure tonight! Here is my Cure Cosplay account.

Obviously both accounts are brand new and don't hold many uploads yet, but I will continue to add to them. I encourage other cosplayers to check out both websites for great cosplays and photos from around the world and signing up as well. :)

I'll be posting my Cosplay Summary 2011  before the end of the month. Till then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
First off, sorry for the change in my page's look. I need to upgrade to Premium Membership again, and will do so when I have more images to post. I'm working like mad on new photoshoot materials...

I am both happy and perplexed that December is already upon us. This year flew by but at the same time so much had happened in 2011 that last Christmas seemed like an eternity ago. If you know me, you know that Halloween and Christmas are my two favorite holidays. (With Dragoncon over Labor Day weekend thrown in as 3rd fave.)

While I normally plot far off getaways in December because the con season over by then (last 3 years I was in England/Scotland during this month), this year I have to stay in town for work. But it's good projects and great preparation for a bigger and better 2012. I always look to the future and what can be done to improve my life and happiness. 2012 will be an exciting year and I want to be as ready as possible for it.
December is also a great crafting month for me - I took two trips in the last month to the LA Fashion District and bought materials for 6 new costumes. I am working on 4 right now and will debut at least one new costume at Ikkicon at the end of the month. It's now become tradition for me to venture out to Austin, TX, to celebrate the arrival of the New Year and attend this well-run nice anime convention. I will be a participating Cosplay Guest again, hosting panels and assisting with the costume contest. It is also a great opportunity to purchase the Cosplay For a Cause charity calendar benefiting the Japanese Red Cross!!! All proceeds will be donated to help rebuild Japan, and there are less than 300 calendars left! If you buy the calendar at Ikkicon, you can immediately start using it on the Sunday of the con, January 1st 2012!

So if you'll be at Ikkicon, stop by my table in front of the dealer room, have a chat and check out the cosplay wares and calendar. I look forward to seeing you!
I had the incredible privilege to be invited to collaborate on three cosplay photoshoots with renowned visionary photographer Jay Tablante this year.

This is the result of the first shoot! Amber from Sucker Punch!
Amber Collab with Jay Tablante by yayacosplay
Photography: Jay Tablante :iconjaytablante:
Styling & Costume Creation: Yaya Han
Make-up: Yaya Han
Hair: Ara Fernando
Art Direction: Raffy Tesoro / Jay Tablante
Production Design: Raffy Tesoro
Digital Imaging: Ryder Aquino
Model: Yaya Han
*********** Yaya on Facebook ***********


I have some NYCCcosplay interviews to share! The first is "Cosplay Tips" for the tea, who came by my booth and asked me great questions about cosplay, what I do in this community, and what tips I have for cosplayers starting out and wanting to compete! Thank you guys for being so interested in cosplay! (I weep a little at how short look in this video, since Ben was so tall and I am vertically challenged!)

Marvel Live also interviewed me alongside Marie-Claude and Riddle, while we all were wearing Marvel costumes. This is a first look at my Domino costume from X-Force, which I crafted in time for NYCC. MC was dressed as Ms. Marvel which she made entirely out of latex (!) and Riddle was wearing a fan-favorite cosplay of hers, Wasp. We were interviewed by talented photographer and Marvel web designer Judy Stephens, who also runs the cosplay blog on! You get to watch me trying real hard not to swear on camera, what with the Marvel youth audience and all. But while dressed as a battle-seasoned mercenary (carrying that arsenal of weapons and sporting black lipstick/eye tattoo), it was hard to give up the tough girl attitude lol.


In other news, I am starring in a Resident Evil fanfilm called "Ada Rising". It is a shortfilm written and produced by PlanetZero and Anime Matsuri. I was very happy when they asked me to step into the role of Ada Wong, one of my favorite video game characters!
Destructoid has the first peek at the film here!</center>

The filming took place in Houston over 2 weekend and we wrapped last night! Thank you again to John, Deneice and Alin for letting me be a part of this project, I am just as excited about the film release in December 2011 as everyone else.

GeorgeM Cosplay Photography grabbed a few shots of me during the last night of filming. Thanks so much!

The film will be released on in December 2011 so check back!

So New York Comic Con happened, and exceeded all of my expectations! As an exhibitor, NYCC is a hard show to set up at because of the Javits Center's location and inaccessibility to a lot of things, but I got to load in on Tuesday before a lot of other vendors arrived, which helped a lot. On Wednesday I could relax and do a photoshoot with Filipino Photographer Jay Tablante. We did three costume looks and I can't wait to see the photos! Thank you, Jay, for the opportunity to shoot together. Here are a couple of phone pic snapshots of some of the costumes we shot - Amber and Catwoman!

On Thursday I finished setting up and the hall opened for 3 hours in the    afternoon. I changed into Amber just in time for the first Cosplay  For  a  Cause calendar signing at my booth, with Riddle and  Marie-Claude. I  was  pulled aside for an interview and photos with the  New York Post for  an  article they published in the Sunday paper, which  turned out to be   rather disappointing and misleading. It was nice to  meet some Sucker Punch fans though and do some more shots in Amber. I  was salute-happy that day :)

Friday was Girls with Guns day for me lol - I got into Baroness from G.I. Joe early in the day and did a photoshoot as well as videoshoot. I also took advantage of the Hasboro booth's G.J. Joe background stand haha. Later that afternoon I donned my newest costume, made for NYCC and the Jay Tablante shoot - Domino ala X-Force of the Marvel Universe. I made the bodysuit out of a rubber coated spandex and gunmetal grey knit, in a custom pattern designed by me. The eye tattoo is a silicone patch, so I wouldn't have to paint it on every time. Gathering the arsenal was the most fun part of the costume I think. I have 2 hand guns, a P-90, 2 sets of throwing knives and a big knife strapped to my arm lol. Felt particularly badass as Domino.  
Seth Green came by my booth so I had to ask him for a photo! Also got to pose on the Marvel Avengers stage for a bit and do a live stream interview in the Marvel Skybox Studio, yay!

Saturday started off with Catwoman (hung out with the Christian Bale Batman suit at Legendary Pictures booth for a while), and another successful Cosplay For a Cause signing. I want to thank Meagan-Marie, Riddle and Marie-Claude for taking time out of their busy schedule to walk over to my booth each morning to do the signing with me. I think the fans really appreciated seeing us together and the calendar sold well with our combined presence. It was really awesome of them to each do a brand new photoshoot for the calendar, but to make the effort to partake in at-con signings really shows how much they care about the cause and the charity effort. At the end of the year we are announcing on the website how much money will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross, and these ladies really went the extra mile to help push for those numbers. One of the guys who bought a calendar, Joseph, have us a nice print of the 4 of us! I also got to do a video interview with Nerd Caliber where I talk about the calendar.

Later that day I changed into my USO Girl outfit and went to the Marvel stage, in hopes of meeting the Avengers cast. A huge Thank You to Judy and Mike for allowing us the opportunity to get posters signed and photos taken with Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston! The shot with Chris even ended up on Entertainment Weekly's article about new Avengers footage being released at NYCC. I was happy to get my helmet signed by Chris and Tom as well <3

On Sunday I wore my Steampunk Madam costume and did an off-site photoshoot with Anna Fisher, who rented out the Juliet Supper Club for a few hours. I am a great admirer of Anna's photos and it is always a pleasure to shoot with her. These images of the Steampunk outfit are some of my very favorites. The fabulous hat is a loaner from The Blond Swan, who have asked me for a while to model for them. This was a great opportunity to grab some commercial shots for them as well.

All together it was an amazing weekend - I met so many great people and got to see my friends a lot as well. What more can a girl ask for? Definitely posting more photos soon, and I'll also try to do con reports more often. It's all a matter of time lol.  

(Contributing photos by Brian Boling, Joseph Lin, Anna Fisher, Judy Stephens, Jay Tablante Team, Mike Rogers, Ron Gejon, Nancy Rivera, Northcountry Boy and unknown)
Last thing I will leave you with is a gallery addition - Baroness Ana DeCobray from G.I. Joe! Enjoy the photos and costume construction notes!*NEW*

It's a 4-day con where I'll have a booth inside the exhibitor hall - booth #379. A map of the event can be found here!

Most of these costumes I'm bringing for various photoshoots so I'll be cosplaying all weekend. Might even bring more cosplays just for fun. :)

When I'm wearing these is still being fleshed out so I'll post a proper schedule soon. Also, debuting a new cosplay from the Marvel universe so WATCH OUT! ^_-
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