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Yaaaay! I had a great time at Anime Central and Fanime! Thank you, everyone, who came by my booths! As always, it is a pleasure to meet fellow cosplayers and geeks!

Anime Central:
My amazing customers!

Cosplaying all day long!

Fanime summed up!

This weekend I'm heading to A-kon in Dallas! I will be at my booth, #215 inside the main dealer hall, all 3 days and signing merch, taking photos and cosplaying. Hope to see many of you there, please stop by and say hello!
Aaaah, things are mad dash crazy over here, I'm neglecting this journal!

I have a Poster Sale happening right now until the end of the month! Just a couple of days left!

I'll be glad to sign any of these 11x17 inch posters and I ship worldwide! If you grab 4 posters, the 5th is free!
Store link:

I'll also be at Anime Central May 17th - 19th next! Come see me at booth 1018 - 1020 in the Exhibitor Hall, I'll be signing all weekend and cosplaying as well!
Hellooooo everyone! Not much from me on the DA journal front lately, but I've been trying to upload new photos from Katsucon at least.

Basically - I have done 4 conventions back to back so far, with long work days in between, and I have 3 (or 4) more to go! OH BOY!

I knew this convention tour would be hard on my body, but it has been so worth it!! I've spoken passionately about cosplay at several panels and met countless incredible people along the way, who love this art form just as much as I do. The whirlwind of social interactions day after day has overwhelmed my senses, and reinstated my responsibility as an ambassador of cosplay. I am so thankful for the path my life has taken me on, and am excited to continue down it.

Next up for me is J-Popcon in Copenhagen, Denmark!! I have never been to Denmark and am excited to meet cosplayers and fellow fans there, as well as help pick the Danish representatives for 3 important international competitions. I fly out to Germany in 12 hours to visit my dear mom (who I miss every day because she lives so far away from me) and then we both with fly to Copenhagen on Thursday. I'm gonna leave my cosplay choices as a surprise for now hahaha.

Then I come home and work on a super important daunting project that I can't talk about yet. But it sadly had to make me cancel my guest appearance at Con-nichiwa in Tucson, AZ. I abhor scheduling conflicts but they are inevitable these days with the growth of the geek conventions scene and cosplay community. As a business owner, I have to consider my company and it's future first. :(

I will however be at Anime Matsuri on Easter weekend as a Cosplay Guest again, and will help judge their costume contest as well as host the World Cosplay Summit US Finals.

My tour ends in Kansas City the first weekend in April, at Planet Comic Con. I literally will get home the DAY before my birthday and probably spend it in bed sleeping lol. After a weekend OFF (HOLY CRAP!!!!), I will be guesting at Boston Comic Con. But more on that later.

If you'll be at any of these events, give me a shout here on DA! And a fist bump when you see me at the cons!
Katsucon schedule! Finally all ready to go! 4 new costumes! Been killing myself on 2 of them. Rewearing Sif because yay winter con is appropriate!! Be sure to check out my merchant's booth and panels, too! And I am hosting the WCS on Saturday yay! See everyone there~!

By popular demand, posters are back, but only for a limited time.

Shop the full selection at my store!

There are 5 new posters and 6 images from the last poster sale - all available now through February 10th!
Naturally these will be signed/personalized by me, and I always offer "Buy 4 get 1 free"!

THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!! Truly, I wouldn't be holding these sales if you didn't ask for them. I'm so honored! I sincerely hope you will like the selection this time!

(Excuse the sloppy collage, I'm at a computer with no Photoshop program - proper collage coming tomorrow)

I guess I should drop a line on DA as well...
Tomorrow night is the King of the Nerds episode where I'm guest starring! Thursday, Jan. 24, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), on TBS!

Here's the episode synopsis! Make sure you guys tune in!
"Imaginary Realms" Team Blue and Team Orange face off in a fantasy cosplay Nerd War challenge, hero-vs.-villain style. The losing team must send two of their own to the Nerd-Off, from which one will never return. As the competition heats up, an unusual roll of the dice determines who will stay and who will go. Hosted by Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine.
Guest Judges: Adam Busch, Yaya Han and George Takei.

Poster Sale is on now!
From now through January 12th, you can grab 11x17 high res posters of 10 Yaya Han cosplay and modeling images!

Buy 4 posters, get 1 free! Buy 8 posters, get the remaining 2 for free! Just add in payment note which free poster/s you'd like :)

These images are not available in any other size or format, they are printed on beautiful UV coated card stock, and each will be signed and personalized by Yaya.

Posters will ship on or around the 13th of January. Please be patient ♥

"Thank you all so much for your continued support! This sale is happening because you frequently asked for it and I hope you like the images I chose for you!" - Yaya

Hey everyone! Just a end of year reminder of all my social media pages, where I post everyday!

Besides Twitter, this is the page where I am the most active. Daily photo posts, musings, convention appearance announcements, any cool project announcements... Definitely recommend you following my Facebook if you want to get to know me!

I love Twitter and use it everyday, all the time. I would say my personality comes through the most on Twitter because of it's casual conversational platform. Hope to see you on there!

Yaya's Online Cosplay Store: For anyone interested in my cosplay accessories, such as My Little Pony ears, horns and wings, cat ears and fox ears, demon wings, elf ears etc... this is the place to purchase them! My 2013 calendar is also available here, but I am close to selling out.

Yaya's signed photo prints: I get print requests on deviantART all the time and this is the place to purchase them. I sign and personalize each photo and they are printed on 8x12 high resolution glossy photo paper.                    

Yaya's YouTube: I have just started using YouTube and will be posting a lot more videos in the new year! Definitely subscribe to my channel and look out for more videos coming soon :)

Yaya's Instagram: I'm starting to enjoy posting on Instagram immensely. All kinds of random photos make their way on my Instagram account daily lol.

Yaya's Tumblr

Of course there is my website, which has a large gallery of all of my cosplay and modeling work.

There you have it! All the places on the intrawebs where you can find me!
Since I haven't posted on DA since the news... I had to rush back to China last week for a death in my family. Only today did I manage to get fairly regular internet access, and I can't reach Facebook or Twitter at all, and of course my phone's Data is turned off. Being so cut off from my usual communication methods is making this difficult situation feel even more heavy on my heart, and even though I'm with my entire family, I feel lonely and lost. I don't know how to really talk about this. The only way I can post besides DA is on Instagram For the next week or two, I'll mostly be posting there.

Here is my New Orleans costume line up!

I'll  be at my booth #227 all weekend signing calendars and prints, or look  for me in the Cosplay Lounge right next door!
Here is a map link to my exact location:…  
New costume debut on Saturday - DC Comics' Powergirl - Kotobukiya  style! I'm working on the last bits of her right now! I will be speaking  at the Cosplay panel on Saturday at 11am, and judging the costume  contest at 8pm.


Another convention appearance announcement! I'll be a  Guest at Anime Matsuri 2013, to support the World Cosplay Summit and the  Marvel costume contest! I'll be involved in both contests as well as  the AM Cosplay contest with cash prizes, and hosting
 panels throughout the weekend. I'll also have a dealer hall booth, so  that's where I'll be when I'm not doing programming for the con. Let me  know if you're going to AM!

(That does mean I will again not be  at Sakuracon as they are on the same weekend. But I will have an  exhibitor booth at Sakuracon with my full line of cospay products ^_^)


My Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale was extended to tonight, Midnight EST! Take 15% off your entire purchase when you use the code "FOODCOMA2012" at Checkout!

Store link:

Etsy store link: (discount also applied)

I added a few new prints and a 3 photo set of my Yakuza Bodypaint with extra savings! Thank you all so much for the orders so far and enjoy the discounts!

This weekend I will see many of you at New Orleans Comic Con, I hope! November 30th - December 2nd in NOLA! I will be judging the costume contest at 7pm on Saturday, running panels and you can meet me at my booth 227!
Here is a map of the New Orleans Comic Con layout and where I am.


Cosplay line up will be announced this week!
I didn't get a chance to post this sooner, but there is an after Thanksgiving Sale happening right now in my cosplay store! 15% off your entire purchase when you use the code "FOODCOMA2012" at Checkout! Sales goes on until noon Monday the 26th.

Store link:

Etsy store link: (discount also applied)

Thank you all for your support and happy shopping!

Hi everyone! As a result of all of you rad people logging onto my Shindig online chat event last night, we crashed their server!!! I wanted to make it up to you guys so I recorded a video answering 15 questions you sent in and made a new YouTube Channel!
Watch the video here!

Subscribe to my Channel here - I'll be uploading a new video tomorrow and regularly from here on!

Send in your cosplay questions to my Facebook via Message! I will answer them in future videos!

Thank you guys so much for your support! Love you all!
EDIT: Ok so the Shindig online chat lasted for about 15 minutes before we crashed their server!!! So many people logged on that the Shindig server couldn't handle our awesomeness anymore. I'm so sorry to everyone who tried to chat with me but weren't able to. I recorded a video for you guys, answering some of the questions you had prepared for the Shindig chat.
I will upload it tomorrow, so watch out! Love you all and thank you for taking the time to log on to the chat <33333


Have you RSVP's to my 1-hour video chat tonight? I'm using the sophisticated Shindig platform which makes a simple video chat into an event where you can mingle with people and hang out with me! Here is the link to join the fun!

Tonight, 9pm Eastern Time - just log on, I will be in costuuuuume!

I also have a convention appearance announcement! I will be the Cosplay Guest for New Orleans Comic Con on November 30th - December 2nd! I will be judging the costume contest at 7pm on Saturday, running panels and you can meet me at my booth 227!
Here is a map of the New Orleans Comic Con layout and where I am.


Hope to see you at both events!
Super exciting news, everyone! I am holding an interactive 1-hour online chat on Monday November 19th, from 9pmEST - 10pmEST!

That means you guys can come hang out with me via webcam and talk cosplay, comics, anime, conventions and more! I'm using this awesome website called Shindig so all you have to do is RSVP in the link and come Monday the 19th JOIN the chat!
The best part? Send in your questions for me via and Shindig will pick the most interesting ones for their streaming interview with me during the chat!
The 2nd best part? I will be in costume for the event! But you won't find out which costume until the 19th!

Please don't send questions via comments below, these WILL NOT COUNT! Only questions emailed to will be chosen for the chat event!

Looking forward to hanging out with everyone!!
Posting this at 3am because I am jetlagged from Germany trip and not bothering to correct my sleep schedule. Afterall, I'm heading back out on Monday morning again, for a week in Japan.

Germany happened right on the tail of Dragoncon, I fly to Frankfurt then drove to Kassel to partake in Connichi, the largest anime convention in Germany. And it was an amazing event, filled with cosplayers from various European countries in gorgeous meticulously crafted costumes. For a craftsmanship lover such as myself, it was a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by all this wonderful handiwork. For the first time in a long time at a convention, I could wear a costume made by me (Granado Espada Wizard) and know that the people who saw it believed that I indeed made it myself.
In the US, I used to never be challenged on whether or not I made my own costumes, but in the last few years it seems like people only want to know where I bought them. Indeed, it is far too easy to have a full costume made for you, or order one off ebay. The percentage of craftsmanship driven cosplayers is shrinking, while the overall cosplay community is growing. In Germany, the mentality in Cosplay is still that everyone makes their own costumes, or work on them together with friends, and what is valued the most is craftsmanship and detail.
I definitely want to return to Connichi next year if possible, and make a new costume for it!!

After the convention I got to visit my parents for a few days and tour around parts of Germany I hadn't been to before, such as the beautiful medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Taube. I also got to visit cosplayer and armor master KamuiCosplay, which was inspirational and motivating at the same time. She gave me the confidence to look at full armor projects for my future costumes.

Now I'm back in my home for all of 2 days before it's time to fly again, to Tokyo for a few days of eating, toy collecting, Ghibli museum, and then Tokyo Game Show! Riddle and I were invited to cosplay on the Cure stage, so look for us on Saturday there!

At the end of the month I will be at Anime Weekend Atlanta doing panels, hosting the costume contest, and signing calendars at my dealer hall booth #218!

Busy September....
Gaah it's a mad weekend, I'm just gonna bring a bunch of fruit & food and survive off of that in my room because there isn't enough time to go eat! All Dragoncon, all weekend!

Thursday - Booth set up. the booth is G13, in the Dealer Hall in the lowest level of the Marriott hotel. You have to walk to the back of the hotel then take the escalator down 1 floor. It is the level BELOW the 2 exhibitor halls on either side of the Mariott.

I will be signing at the booth every day, where you can choose from a variety of prints and posters, and my limited edition 2013 calendar! I also will have my full line of cosplay accessories at the booth.

My signing schedule:

Friday - Signing at booth G13 from 1pm - 4pm 9 (wearing Rarity from My Little Pony)

Saturday - Signing at booth G13 from 4pm - 7pm

Sunday - Signing at booth G13 from 3pm - 6pm

Monday - Signing at booth G13 from 11am - 2pm

I will also be signing for the Aurora Rises Charity on Friday and Monday - signing times and location to be announced.

My cosplay schedule is as follows:

Friday morning: Rarity - MLP

Friday 6pm: Jessica Rabbit (new!!) I will be hanging out with a bunch of Disney costumers in the Marriott!

Saturday 11am: Psylocke with Marvel X-Men group

Saturday 2:30pm: Granado Espada Wizard with Uxi's Elementalist

Saturday 8:30pm: Archer (tv series) group - I will be the Asian Assassin from Season 2, Episode 6!

Sunday 10:30am: NEW costume! Can you guess what?! I've been working like mad on this for the past 3 weeks.

Sunday in the afternoon: Chesthugger corset by Rage Customs

Sunday 8pm: Arkham City Catwoman with Jonathan Carroll as Batman! Looking for brave photographers with lighting set ups for night photos in Atlanta lol

Monday I indulge in casual civvies as I am co-hosting a panel! "Costuming Biz & Shop Organization" at 10:00 am Location: M103 - M105 - Marriott

I'll mainly be hanging out in the Marriott walking around in costume, or at my booth G13. The best way to find me is to go to my booth at the signing times above. I hope to see many many many of you this weekend!


We are seeking submissions for possible publication in 1000 Incredible Cosplay and Costume Ideas, an upcoming book by Dr. Grymm (Joey Marsocci), Allison DeBlasio and Yaya Han.

Publication date: April 2013

Comic  book, Sci-Fi, and Anime conventions have been around since the 1930's.  With those conventions come the ultimate fans, those who Cosplay. Joey  Marsocci and Allison DeBlasio of Dr. Grymm Laboratories, authors of the  immensely popular 1000 Steampunk Creations (Quarry Books,  2011), in collaboration with Internationally acclaimed cosplayer Yaya Han, are putting out a call to artists to submit their most amazing  cosplay photographs for compilation into exciting upcoming book.

We are seeking submissions for the following categories:
Anime & Manga
Video Games
Comic books
Original Characters

We are not just looking for the best in each category, but for unique, dynamic, and high quality photography of characters and props.

All  costume and props must belong to the contributor and be their unique work. Photos submitted by the  photographer must be submitted along with a model release and the name  and country of origin of all subjects. We are looking for sophisticated  images to help us elevate the world of cosplay. If you would like to  submit photos taken at conventions, please make sure the backgrounds are  free of clutter, crowds, and other patrons. We will accept Photoshop  effects when appropriate.


1. Email or, and either include a link to your  website/online portfolio for our review, or attach no more than 4  low-res JPEG images of your work (each file should be under 1 MB). Name  each attachment with your last name, and the numbers 1-4.

2.  If your low-resolution images are provisionally accepted, you will follow the below instructions on how to upload the corresponding high resolution  files, and you will be required to fill out a Grant of Rights form  allowing the publisher the permission to print your images. At this  time, we may invite you to submit an additional 6 high-res images, for a  total of no more than 10 photos/costumes entered into the final jurying round.

High Res photo submission guidelines:

1. Any type of costume is welcome!!
2. Submit 1 - 2 photos per costume, up to 10 costume total. It's better to submit too many costumes than not enough..
3. All images must be at least 4.5 x 5.75 inches at 300 dpi (or 1400 x 1750 pixels) - jpeg, tiff files etc.
4. Submit the high res images through the 1000 Incredible Cosplay Ideas Dropbox:…
5. Email your image list (keep it simple, list of each file and what the character name and source materials are)
6. Sign/scan/email your Grant of rights and Model relase when applicable.THESE WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU VIA EMAIL ALONG WITH YOUR ACCEPTED SUBMISSIONS

3.  1000 images will be selected for publication. If selected, you will not  be required to provide any how-to instructions, but you will need to  briefly describe your costume.

Published contributors will be  credited on the pages where their image(s) appear, as well as in the  artist directory. Contributors will also have the opportunity to  purchase copies of the book at a 50% discount.

Deadline: AUGUST 31st, 2012. Acceptance begins immediately: early submissions are encouraged.

Personal Statement from Yaya:

Hi everyone! I just would like to re-iterate what a great project this is. Even though there is no monetary  compensation, I believe this book is worth being a part of. Why? Because the cosplay scene is growing fast and shifting toward the mainstream. But right now the public media still has huge misconceptions about  cosplayers as fetishists, booth babes, and faux geeks.

We need to set  the record straight, by giving the mainstream media a collection of incredible  costumes that are hand/home made, with passion and creativity. I want to be a part of "1000 Incredible Cosplay and  Costume Ideas" because I know it can help non-geeks and mass media  understand what WE are all about, and what is means to be a cosplayer. I believe this book can serve as a guideline to Cosplay for many years to come. So please read the guidelines and SUBMIT! Be a part of Cosplay History!"

Any questions, comment below! I'll answer to the best of my abilities!
Cosplaying Baroness - G.I. Joe on Friday with BRAND NEW set of armor by Pitviper Studios, Chun Li on Saturday (only by popular demand, I'm outwearing this costume!!) and Psylocke on Sunday! I will be SIGNING CALENDARS & PRINTS at my Exhibit Hall booth X15 all weekend, from 12:30pm on each day. My entire cosplay accessories line will also be available there! The booth is against the wall on the left side of the room - hope to see many of you there!!!

Here it is! My SDCC schedule! Come next week, I'll never stop running lol.

Hosting Sociology of Cosplay panel for DA at noon, room 2. Wearing Ame-Comi Wonder Woman
Gentle Giant Booth #3513 signing: 2pm - 4pm LIMITED CALENDARS AVAILABLE!! Wearing Amber - Sucker Punch

Off site shoot during the day (sorry can't say more)
Anovos booth appearance #832 in the afternoon, around 5pm I hope, wearing Anovos licensed Star Trek TOS dress!

Arkham City Catwoman in the morning - I am open for photoshoots!!
Gentle Giant Booth #3513 signing: 2pm - 4pm LIMITED CALENDARS AVAILABLE. Wearing Psylocke - X Men
I will also be hanging out at the MARVEL booth as Psylocke, time to be announced

I will re-wear Arkham City Catwoman FOR FUN! Might be signing for :iconnicolepinup:!

Can't wait to see everyone! It's going to be an insane week. INSANE!! Please respond if you'd like to shoot with me, a link to your portfolio would be great! Thank you!!!