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I am fast approaching 300,000 views and will send a signed 8x12 photo of my cosplay to the first person who sends me a screenshot of the 300,000 view count!

First time doing a Kiriban contest, let's see how it goes!
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This about sums up Katsucon for me.

Katsu went by way too fast! I had an amazing time partying on Thursday, Friday AND Saturday nights and our booth did good also giving the snow/expensive location.
We arrived safely on Thursday afternoon after a long 12 hour ride all the way up from Atlanta, checked into the hotel and rested for a couple of hours before going to set up the booth. First impression of the Gaylord hotel and Katsu organization was not really positive... but once we got the majority of the booth set up, we felt better and more relaxed. I missed out on dinner with people but mustered up enough energy to go downstairs with Leonard, Lada and Vince to meet a bunch of other friends like Mandy and Matt, Jaimie and Josh, Ronin Chris, Sam, the Cupcakes, and whoever else happened to come around and be at the hotel early already. Mandy gave us Valentine's cookies (awww) and Leonard took us up to the roof top lounge POSE, which I ended up spending much of my weekend in lol.
It was lovely to chill, have a drink and catch up with everyone, and I managed to stay awake until past midnight, which meant I'd been up for over 35 hours at that point (minus a couple of hours napping in the car.)!
First set of photos are snow pics taken on my phone on the way into DC.
I've literally never seen this much snow, in my entire life...

The icicles killed me. SERIOUSLY??

The two awesome guys who helped me drive: Jay and Snow Monster

Friday morning we got up at 9am and I threw the new costume I made in under 5 hours. Jill Valentine. It was super comfy and a great easy costume to work the booth in. Our almost done booth set up:
With a super cute Melissa Diaz browsing <3

Our rack o' hats

I basically spent the entire day at the booth selling and gauging how well our new products were doing. It seems like people really liked the new Steampunk Wings:
(modeled by Felicia and Melly)

I added them to my website's store and Etsy here:…

Next to add are the little Steampunk Hats I made...

...and the small head wings I've been putting off making for months because of the overloaded con schedule last year.

All the above will come in many different color combos.

After the booth closed, we scarfed down some take out Chinese (it wasn't good...) and Melly and I went on a drinking hop from our room to Anna's room to Yuffiebunny's room to the Anime Remix table at the patio bar lol. 4 drinks later, it was time to surprise Mandy for her B-day at Moonbay down in the Atrium! It seems like everyone was there which was AWESOME! I only remembered to get a few photos but here they are!

Alternate drunking group pic. Josh is the only one who looks sober still...

With Miko and Anna

I don't know what's happening in this photo!!

Phone pic: Melly and I after a drink or two

Phone pic: Making out with a giant Teddy Bear

Phone pic: Cat/Bayonetta came to visit!

Phone Pic: Then Lady Gaga arrived!!!

Phone pic: Miko and I pretty far gone.

I think I passed out sometime after 1 or 2am, got back up at 8 to get ready for the booth opening. Melly, Brian and I were kept busy for most of the day but when things slowed down toward the end, I went ahead and changed into Gothic Princess (how I put everything including the wings on by myself if beyond me...) for photos in the snow, which is how the original artwork is depicted. Sadly that didn't work out so well because there was TOO much snow. I sunk in to my knees and it was comical and FREEZING at the same time. So Darkain/Vince did a shoot with me indoors in the Atrium and by the Gazebo. Thank you so much! Afterward I kept getting stopped and Shiroin/Ricky took some time out to shoot with me as well, which I really appreciated as he was all waiting on his dinner! Then after that I kept running into more friends and chatting, and smacking people with my wings, and Leonard bumped into me and we did some photos together as well! I will never be short on nice pics of this costume after Katsu!
Here are a couple of preview shots I got back:

I love them, thank you again so much!

Around 9pm I made it back to the room and changed into my partying gear. We were supposed to meet a bunch of people downstairs by the fountain but took a detour up to POSE for a drink with Bunny, Kelly and their crew. Every time we got ready to head back down, someone else was coming up until we ended up staying there the entire night. Which was fine by me because the seats were comfy, they had music, the view was great, and one of the bartenders made a mean Bloody Mary. Sometime toward the end of the night someone suggested to check out the men's room because they had floor length windows and the best view of the hotel. 5 or 6 of us girls decided to check out said view and we ended up busting in on a guy whizzing. Security made us leave, then threatened to kick us out of the bar if we did it again. My response was:" No worries, we're not going back, it smelled." Then while we were dancing, the guy who we busted in on while doing his business came up to me and tried hit on me, and I just went "No-uh!" and hid behind one of the guys in our group on the couch. Seriously? You thought we had a connection through me coming into the men's room? Yuck!

Here, have some more drunken pics:

Anna and Alex

Miko and I

Chris, Kelly and John

Phone pic: Anna and I drinking Bloody Marys

Phone Pic: I'm ambushing Brian

I was good and went to bed before 2am already. Heard that most people stayed up till 4am or 5am, eep. Then again, I had to get up at 8am on more time, for the last day at the booth. Mainly we said our good byes and I let Brian go off to do some product shots on Melly, Bunny and Felicia. Thank you ladies for posing for us. Also thank you to Chris, who was so nice and ordered some food for us when I forgot to eat and was stuck at the booth alone.
At 3pm it was time to pack up. Tarisa and David showed up and were simply amazing, they helped us tear down the whole booth and pack everything up, and then they helped us roll everything out to the van. Thank you SO MUCH for your help, it means a ton to us.
We drove straight on home that evening, and thankfully it was a really smooth ride and we rolled in at 6am or so.

Another con checked off! Now to get ready for Megacon!
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I got over my little freak out session over the blizzard/ice/snow and am just about ready to head out for Maryland and Katsucon.

Safety is first so we're leaving early (tonight) and traveling in numbers. I also packed a ton of clothes, food, blankets etc, and Brian has tools, extra battery, I think a jack, and even emergency snow treads for the tires lol.

We'll be crawling up 6 some States to Katsu and hopefully get silly drunk all weekend to celebrate surviving.

I will be working the entire con in the dealer room, so you know where to find me! Bringing only two costumes due to said work but one is new and I hope to get snow pics in the other - Gothic Princess!

To those who are still braving the weather - be safe and see you at the Gaylord! To those who can't make it - we will miss you!
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This be a random journal entry!
I finally posted the rest of the photos from my London trip in November/December 2009. Check'em out on my site here:…

Also, a new interview with me went live, this time with the French Online Magazine Gamekult:… The interview is in English actually.

Next, I've confirmed a couple of more events for 2010, including MTAC and Anime Central. More are being sorted out now so expect another travel schedule soon. Basically I'm only going to two cons in the next two months and then things will get crazy again. I am very much so relishing in my time in town, and home.

Oh, and the winner for my Twitter contest has been posted! Congratulations to AliceOphelia for winning my hand made pink polkadot corset. <3

Lastly, I will be doing a radio interview with the internet radio station 91.8 The Fan today! On Monday the 25th January, at 11amPST, or 2pm EST. Simply go to the link at that time and listen in live!

Tomorrow I will do the interview, ship out lots of orders (and the prize!) and run on my treadmill. Sewing of costumes may also commence :) I have 3 yards of blood red pvc vinyl - can you guess what costume I am making???
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Starting tomorrow, I will be doing cosplay related Twitter contests with prizes and giveaways periodically!  Please feel free to follow me on Twitter if you'd like to participate.

I am also about to announce a logo contest for my website Anyone is eligible to enter and the winner's logo will become my official website logo. There are prizes as well.
Stay tuned for more info on this, and hope to see you on Twitter!
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Finally! After months of hard work, my new website portfolio is finally live!

Direct Link:

Endless Thank Yous to Meg Hanson, my amazing friend who helped me so much with the design and execution of

There are still tiny bugs to be worked out and I absolutely welcome feedback and suggestions. Until I install a Guestbook, you can leave comments and suggestions on my Facebook fanpage:

Direct Link:…

Thank you for visiting and yay!
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I listed three corsets for sale on Etsy, plus new products.
I made the corsets a couple of years ago did photoshoots in two of them. Please note the pink polkadot corset is brand new and never been worn. I made TWO of them and am keeping one after doing the Laundry pinup shoot in it. The second polkadot corset was meant for sale but I forgot about it until recently, so here it is! Actually I found all these corsets plus other ones in a box with fabric a couple of weeks ago while going through the basement lol. I made them during a slow winter season when I needed extra cash, and totally forgot about them in a move. What the? XD

I will be listing a few more items on Etsy in the upcoming week, while I have the time at home. They are beautiful and I totally love them still, but it is time to move on to new sewing projects :)

Btw, I don't think I've ever talked about Etsy before. I do have a growing little store and really enjoy doing business and seeing other artists' work through Etsy. It's a fabulous market of unique hand made items, though sometimes the listings seem super overpriced to me. But more power to the artists' who can make a living from their Etsy store!
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After talking to many members of my Facebook Fangroup, I've taken their suggestion and made a Facebook Fanpage, which is much easier to update and keep up with.…

Please feel free to join if you want to get firsthand news on my next cosplay, modeling and costume design projects. Also, any convention and event appearance news will be posted to the Fanpage first, exclusively, plus it offers features like discussion boards.

This Fanpage's creation is in conjunction with my new personal website launch, scheduled for, well, this week! After 10 years of using html and hand coding everything on, I am finally switching over to a more sophisticated php module based system and the content will be much easier to navigate. So watch out for another journal update within the next day or two! Brand new website coming right now!
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Since DeviantArt doesn't have a cut feature like LiveJournal, I will just link to my latest LJ entry because it's so photo heavy.
Lady Gaga concert pics! New Year's Eve Lip Service fashion show! Ikkicon report! It's all there.
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Packed and about to head out for Ikkicon in Austin, TX. I will be a Cosplay Guest for them and cosplay/partake in events all weekend.

Friday, 5pm, Panel Room 2 (MR 400) - Advanced Cosplay: Are you a dedicated cosplayer interested in going beyond a simple hobby? Come to the Advanced Cosplay panel, with emphasis on sewing, wig styling, prop making techniques as well as how to properly present your costume on the web in a portfolio and conduct yourself in a professional manner in person. Bonus: Yaya Han will share her experience in how to become more involved in the community, such as doing panels and taking on judging responsibilities.

Saturday, 12:30pm, Panel Room 2 (MR 400) - Makeup for Cosplay: Learn first hand from Yaya Han how to properly and effectively apply makeup to complete your cosplay. We will go over different looks for women and men (natural, glamour, cross-play, stage etc.) as well as talk about general skin care.

Fashion Show Hosting:
On Thursday night, New Year's Eve, I will be hosting the Lip Service Fashion Show in the con hotel. Come see some fabulous outfits take stage!

Cosplay Contest Judging:
I will be a judge for the cosplay contest on Saturday at 3:30pm

Artist Alley:
When not doing convention related programming, you can find me at my table in the artist alley. I will have cosplay products available from my store as well as autograph prints.

Come say hi!
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Sorry this Journal entry is so long... XD A lot happened over the pond!

Day 2 (Saturday):
We started off our day by going to Portobello Road, famous for it's weekend market and many antique stores. Judy arrived at our hotel to drop off her stuff around 11am and we bundled up against the cold (I was prepared this time, haHA!) and set off via the tube (Underground train system)!
To go off on a tangent - It truly is the only way to get around all of London, and is an experience in it's own right. I do love how you can name a local sight and it's within 5 min walking distance from a tube station. Meeting anyone in the city only requires a station name and a time, and just based on the universal map you can find your way there guaranteed.
My favorite part about taking the Underground is the people watching. You're not supposed to make eye contact with anyone lol, but it is fun to sneak glances at the many incredibly diverse people traveling together. Everyone is dressed fashionably and you overhear conversations in many different languages. I of course recognized the Germans and Chinese the most. It seems like every girl in London wears tights or leggings and boots, and gosh I just adore all the coats, hats and scarves. They have some NICE coats there, and why not, when most of the year's weather forces you to wear coats, you better have a collection of them.
Fashion-wise, this trip definitely inspired me to accessorize more. I came home with about 6 - 7 pairs of tights and 2 scarves lol.

Anyway, Portobello Road pics!
The first thing I noticed was the beautiful neighborhood.

Little streets with little sidewalks...

...with little cars parked around dainty lovely little houses and flat buildings. This one should belong to Judy!

Then the SEA of people overwhelmed us.

We had no idea that Portobello Market on a Saturday is where the entire tourist population seems to be flocking to. There were lines to walk into any of the antique stores. You were shoulder to shoulder walking down the road and frequently bumped into people. The stores had some very nice items and we managed to shop a little (I bought antique buttons!) but overall it was too crowded and crazy to truly enjoy the market.

Here's me and Judy at the Market, in a rare moment where people are not walking in front of your camera.

Then it was time to make our way to Piccadilly Circus, for we were meeting Emily, Jess (Grand Cosplay Ball organizers) and a number of UK cosplayers for lunch. It was really great to see some of them again, from last year and from Anime Expo, and we met some new friends as well. Delicious food was had at 16MM, Jess' favorite restaurant. Everyone was very excited about the Ball and we chatted about our performances and costume plans and such.
Then it was time to head to Tokyo Toys, the local anime store, and get ready for mine and Giorgia's signing. Judy and I made a detour to H & M (which is so much cooler than the US stores) to find some tights and a cute blazer for her outfit on Sunday, and I still arrived and changed into costume on time. Judy and I are totally on the same (breakneck) speed when traveling and shopping. I love it!
The signing was insanely crowded, which means success yay! Sadly the space inside the store was tiny and they even removed the check out counter to make room, so Giorgia and I were signing on bar chairs lol. She wore Kasumi and I was cosplaying Lei Fang in honor of Ball sponsors Koei/Tecmo! I brought some postcards and 8x12 prints and was surprised at how many people liked them. It was really sweet of everyone to stand in line and bear with the crowdedness. Sadly, somehow the stack of the Ball flyers with Giorgia's and my image was misplaced, but we took photos with people and the store printed out the photos for our signatures.  
*I haven't found photos from the signing yet and I forgot my camera, derp.*

After the signing we went back to the hotel with Judy and Kelly in tow. The Ball asked me to bring Carmilla and reprise the performance Anna and I did at NYAF. Since Anna could not make it this year over the pond (sadness) they suggested asking a local UK cosplayer to be my bite victim and Kelly agreed to it! I thank her very much for making a costume on such short notice and practicing with me on the night before showtime. We styled Kelly's wig and listened to the music for a while, then took over the hotel's meeting room for a couple of hours. I forgot when we staggered off to bed lol.

Day 3 (Sunday):
Our big day! I got up way too early to put on the white face makeup for Carmilla. I thought it would be smart to do the face makeup in a well lit and warm hotel room. Down part of this decision being that I looked zombiefied by 11am already.
Naturally I had to hunt for breakfast.

We got to the venue around noon, the lovely Clapham Grand.

This is such a typical London neighborhood

It started drizzling and we made it inside just before it started truly raining (which lasted till late into the night). I continued to do Carmilla makeup and slowly got into the costume (after doing this just 7 days beforehand at Anime USA WAT). Why get into an elaborate costume so early when the event wasn't till 7pm? I was part of a larger group performance which went on after the Vampire Hunter D skit, so I would have to be ready in Carmilla when doors opened. Rehearsals were going through out the day and the only time I had to get dressed uninterruptedly was at the start of the day. So Judy and I took advantage of the wait time and did some photos inside the gorgeous venue.
See the photos she has taken in London and of the Ball here!

With some tribulations in the tech department, we eventually all manage to do run-throughs of our performances before opening the doors.
Here is me practicing my OTHER performance...

...while wearing Carmilla lol.

And here's our group rehearsing!

One of the stage:

I don't remember much of the VHD skit besides the fact that the stage was INSANELY small due to the band's equipment. Again, thank you Kelly for adjusting to such a situation and powering through the 2min+ with me. I found a couple of photos by DeadRingers on MySpace, thank you! I look super mean in this pic, while Kelly is doing an evasive maneuver. And in this pic I seem to want to eat the audience.
Johnny Lazer asked me a couple of questions after we got through with the skit, and I sounded retarded with the vampire teeth on. Also wish Kelly would have stayed on stage with me instead of running off! XD

I changed after that, into Mulan! For the huge Disney group performance Emily organized. It worked out perfectly that I could have white makeup and red lips for Carmilla AND Mulan in one night. Hohohoho. I hung out for a bit at my merchandise table and foolishly talked too much with friends over loud music, and realized that if I didn't stop yacking away, I'd blow my voice.
The Disney group performance was such a great idea - as we all dressed up as the characters and sung the songs in different languages. So "Be our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast was in French, I sung "Reflection" in Chinese, Katja as Sleeping Beauty sung in German etc. There were 7 songs in 7 languages total. At the end we came out and sung "Under the Sea" in the multitude of languages, and we got the bubble machine going!!! I loved the bubbles.
You can see a video of my part here.Definitely should have saved my voice more that night, and I was such a n00b and forgot that I had gum in my mouth so I totally sang the song with gum O_O;. You can see the other performances linked from that video, and "Under the Sea" is here. My mic totally didn't work :(.

After doing both stage performances, I was free to enjoy the evening! Danced quite a bit with Judy, Lex, Kelly, Jess and Nick and a few others. UK cosplay folk go bonkers for Bon Jovi and "Living on a Prayer" lol. We went bonkers whenever Lady Gaga came on. I probably broke the dress code by wearing jeans and furry boots under my Mulan dress but it sure was comfortable and I could dance like mad. Amber saved Brian's night by sitting at the merch table for him - we owe you so much, Amber!!! You were the best!

Mark and Pat took some great shots during the night!
With Jess as Sheryl <3…

Drunken friends pic:…

Have some pics of us dancing like maniacs (to Gaga no less):……

Pat's shots of me as Mulan……

With Emily as sexy Ariel!…

And Brian managed to grab some pics as well:
With Hideki and Sam

A very happy Judy and Lex (in a gorgeous Rose Bride costume!)

With a incredibly well put together Captain Jack Sparrow and wench!

A group shot of us toward the end of the night, awww

Much too soon it was the Last Dance, which Choco beautifully sang, and then a whirlwind of packing and hunger and trying to get a cab in the rain back to the hotel. We all just grabbed some sandwiches and salads at the gas station by the hotel, wolfed them down and went to bed by 3am.
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I'm lazying around until Brian wakes up - perfect time to start writing up a report on this trip. Overall it's been so cold and we've been so busy that we haven't stopped to take as many photos as last year. But there are some!
Friday (Day 1):
Well, really, our trip started on Thursday afternoon - after packing off and on for TWO days, we arrived at the airport with three giant suitcases, two rolling carry ons, one backpack and my huge purse. Scored Business Elite class seats and didn't have to pay for the extra suitcase, woo! The flight, which we dreaded before, all of a sudden became too short. We stretched out, were fed very well, had some champagne and wine, and watched a couple of movies. I had to force myself to sleep for a couple of hours instead of keep watching movies I'd been missing in Theaters lol.
We landed in London around 6:30am, and the epic journey from airport to hotel via trains began. We met Jess at Victoria Station and had some breakfast (and I downed a huge cup of coffee even though I don't drink coffee) and lugged our suitcases around what seemed like endless stairs up and down inside multiple stations for line changes. In between the rushing, I was high on caffeine and squeeing over how great it was to come back to London. I was also well prepared for the cold, with thick scarves, fur lined gloves, hat, and boots, on top of a down jacket! Ha!  Finally at around 11:30am, we made it to the hotel yaaaaaaaaaay. Prompty unpacked Carmilla and inspected it for damages. It wasn't too bad. Eventually I'll have to re-stuff the shoulder and hip pieces.
We took a nap and dressed up for the Dita Von Teese book signing, then went into the glorious city! We met with <lj user="thedreamerworld"> and a few UK friends like Jess, Nick and Tom who also wanted to come along and set out to find this Waterstone's book store. Ended up walking 20 min to the wrong one and had to circle around Regent Street (busiest shopping street in London ugh), fighting a sea of people to the big book store, which already had a long que all the way around the corner of the street. We noticed many adorable pin up girls freezing in hose and tiny dresses, and gorgeously done up hair. A couple of Dita look-a-likes, too! After a cold hour wait in the que, we finally got our books signed.
Dita's signing station was beautifully decorated, with a huge wall poster of her in a corset and top hat. But I think she was dressed down for the occasion in a nice but comparatively casual dress - and why not, it was a long signing for her. She signed every book presented in front of her and many of us had multiple ones. I got five signatures from her alone. She looked gorgeous, and exactly like in her photos. Everything from Dita's nails to hair to eyebrows were perfect. Because they rushed everyone through, we didn't get to speak to her much. I just said that I follow her on Twitter and gave her one of my card haha. She was very soft spoken that day, almost inaudible. I assume it's because she was in signing mode and pressured from her handlers to keep the line moving.
I promptly got interviewed for the experience after getting out of line lol, then we were all more than ready to get off our sore feet (heels) and get some food in us.

The city turned out to be so busy and touristy on a Friday night that we ended up in Pizza Hut. By the way, UK Pizza Huts are all sit down restaurants with a buffet station and a large menu. We inhaled some pizza and chatted for a long time, until Brian's and my jetlag started on seriously kick in and we were threatening to dose off at the table lol.

It was time to go back to the hotel and do some sleeping. 30 min train ride later and our first adventurous day in London came to an end!
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I uploaded 4 new Deviations as I won't have consistent internet for a few days. Also updated my website finally with Carmilla's costume gallery. I did my best to cut down on the construction notes' length and it still turned into a short novel!
Click to see costume gallery…

Tomorrow morning Brian and I are boarding a flight to London, Uk! It is the second year in a row where we've had the privilege to visit this beautiful city, however cold and rainy it might be at the moment. I love it.

We're scheduled to arrive on Friday morning and the only thing I wanna do that day is to go to Dita Von Teese's book signing at Piccadilly Circus. We will meet amazing photographer and rainbow haired friend Judy Stephens, who is awesome and coming to London as well, and go fangirl over Dita together.
On Saturday I have a meet and signing at Tokyo Toys with the local anime fans and cosplayers. It's been a year since I've seen most of them and I can't wait to hang out again! Joining me will be Italian Cosplayer Giorgia!
Sunday is the Grand International Cosplay Ball where I am a returning performing Guest. I don't want to give away what I'll be doing there but it'll be an all day all night event for me. Hopefully this time I can get some photos with the architecture of the beautiful venue.

The rest of the time we're there will be shopping and pubbing and walking and taking photos and sight seeing. There is talk of a 1940's party and I am to shoot with fantastic London photographer Pat Lyttle again.

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just got my itinerary for this weekend and it is FULL! I am the Cosplay Guest at Anime USA in Arlington, VA, this weekend.

We're driving up on Thursday so we can cram our work van full of products to sell haha. Probably will be arriving pretty late Thursday night.

-Set up the booth in the dealer room
I will be mainly at the booth between programming

-change into costume (dunno which yet)

- 3 interviews

700pm to 830pm Yaya Han's Makeup Workshop (Roosevelt Room, 3rd Floor)

1000pm to 1130pm Personal Q&A Panel (Kennedy Room, 3rd Floor)
General questions about cosplay and my experienced welcome!

-Masquerade Judging
Probably will take up most of my day, wearing Steampunk upon con's request.

-KAYA concert
I'm not really into JRock anymore, but that boy charmed me. Wanna see what he's like live!

-It is an event to get into Carmilla. Probably getting up at 8am *dies*. If I look haggard and bag-eyed, even better.
Vampire Hunter D photoshoot

Now back to work...
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Seems like the only time I get to update anything is while sitting at my gate in the airport.

First off, thank you guys so much for the support in my Twitter Campaign!… It is still the one place I update constantly, so please follow me to witness mah daily shenanigans.

This time I am flying to Phoenix, AZ, to be a part of Saboten Con! It's a fairly young but so well organized event, and I have the honor to be their cosplay Guest this year. I am so impressed with how courteous and professional the organizers have been so far, and am looking forward to the event!

Today, I have a panel at 3pm in room KIVA B - Q & A with Yaya Han

Tomorrow, Saturday, I am judging the costume contest, and holding another panel at 1pm in KIVA A on Embellishing and Detailing costumes.

On Sunday I might pop into the Lolita Tea Party though I didn't have enough luggage space to pack a Loli costume :(.
Full event schedule here:…

I'll also have two Artist Alley tables all weekend with select products from my store

After this weekend, I am HOME for three whole weeks, before the awesomeness that will be Anime USA!

As for DA - definitely look for tons of new photos within days. I did three photoshoots within one week!!! Had to take advantage of the nice weather before it got cold. :)
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From my website:

"I feel so grateful to my fans and supporters over the years, that I want to do something for you guys! I have some great ideas for the future, but the first project I came up with is this: I will start doing weekly autographed prints and prize give aways and fun little games on Twitter! But first, I want to reach a goal of 1000 followers, because games are more fun when more people participate! I am over halfway there already!

        So please spread the word and follow me on Twitter, and as soon as I see 1000 followers, there will be chances for you to win signed photo prints and postcards, as well as other fun prizes.

        Thank you so much for the support!



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I made a small flickr gallery with pics from Mottocon in Saltillo, Mexico. Overall we were pretty busy and forgot to take a lot of photos, and my battery was dying eep. I really should start making an effort to take more pics on my trips. But anything is better than nothing!

Check out the pics at flickr………
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Posting from happy Mexico right now! I'm here this weekend as a Guest at Mottocon, a small but packed and adorable convention near Monterrey, Mexico. Though the event is only Saturday and Sunday, I flew here on Thursday to spend time with my friends Faustino and Alesa, and their wonderful family. We went to the movies (where the chairs are reclining couches and you can order sushi and a martini from your seat lol), shopping and visited Alesa's dance studio and esoteric store. Yesterday I wore Black Cat to Mottocon and did a surprisingly refreshing Q&A session, where many people asked good questions and made me feel very welcome. I hung out at the CosplayMix magazine booth where I signed copies with my cover and took photos with the attendees. Coming from the States, it's a completely different experience to cosplay in Mexico.
Today I'll be wearing Dawn (sans wings) and doing a makeup workshop and judging their costume contest. I won't be leaving till Tuesday afternoon so tomorrow we have a free day to go shopping and to a Spa. I've never been! Exciting.

After Mexico I don't have a show till Saboten Con on Halloween weekend. I plan to straighten up the house a lot, especially by sewing room which has been through a hurricane it seems. Around the 20th we're driving down to Orlando to visit friends and go to Halloween Horror Nights. I am so happy to be going on a non-con related trip and have no obligations or work haha.

I'll make a separate post about Saboten Con once it gets closer to the date and I have my schedule sorted out.
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(I swear, soon I will post journals non-related to convention schedules lol)

So yeah, I'm here at the hotel, in bed! Relishing every second of it hohoho. Sorry I didn't find time before now to post my schedule for the weekend! I literally have been out of town till 10pm last night and had to work on products, pack and catch a flight out today O_O.

So if you are at Realmscon this weekend, please make a note of my when and where!

All weekend: I have a dealer room booth, in fact they put me in the very front booth as soon as you come into the room! I'll be there as much as I can.

Friday (tomorrow XD)5:00 pm (Panel Room 2): Yaya Han Q & A - basically the same panel I did at AWA, where you can ask me questions about whatever cosplay related experiences I have had, from International cons, craftsmanship, performance to makeup etc.

Friday 6:00 pm (Main Events Room): Opening Ceremonies - going to rush to Opening Ceremonies from my panel lol

Wearing Steampunk Madam to help out with the stage show!

Saturday 12:00 pm (Panel Room 2): Cosplay Construction Essentials - Craftsmanship based panel!

Saturday 1:00 pm (Main Events Room): Judging Cosplay Masquerade

Wearing Sheryl Nome only because it's easy to move around in for judging. I need to make a couple more simple movable costumes, tired of wearing Sheryl and Ada!

Sunday 1:00 pm (Panel Room 2): Autographs - they really wanted me to do this XD. I brought some postcards to sign!

Wearing regular clothes. I have to head to the airport at like 3pm.

So there you have it - come by, say hi, enjoy the con! Now I wanna take a bath!
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I am a Cosplay Guest again this year, alongside the lovely Amazon Mandy, and I have my hands full with events so here's the schedule!

ALL weekend - I have a booth inside the dealer room, and am offering the full line of products from my cosplay store, as well as signed photos and other goodies. When I am not at my panels or other programming, I will be at the booth, so come by and say hi.

ALL weekend - I have a spot inside the Cosplay Gallery, where a costume of mine will be displayed. I am not sure which to bring yet, potentially Dawn as it's new and way too big to wear around.

Saturday, Main Events, 7:00pm - I will be MCing the costume contest! After judging last year, this is a great chance to participate in the contest from a different perspective. Not sure yet if I will have a co-host, and also what I should wear!

And onto the Panels:

Friday, Galleria 103, 7:00pm - "Cosplay Posing Workshop" with Miko, Allison and maybe a couple other ladies:
You've made the costume, you've organized the photoshoot... but what are you going to do when you get there? Prepare to move around during this workshop, where we all will be working on posing for romance, drama and action. We will also be talking about flexibility and working out so that your poses can improve over time!

Friday, Galleria 103, 10:00pm - "Cosplay Q & A with Yaya Han":
Come for a candid chat with Yaya about all aspects of Cosplay. This is your chance to ask her questions on cosplay-related topics like how to get into modeling, Yaya's makeup tricks, the international cosplay scenes and conventions, costume contests and how to prepare for them, and more! There are also 10 years worth of Yaya's interesting stories about going to cons, making
costumes, dressing up and traveling world-wide in the name of Cosplay in store for you!

Friday, Galleria 103, 11:00pm - "Sociology of Cosplay" with Miko and Mandy (and who else?):
What is cosplay really? Why do cosplayers do what they do? This is your chance to ask anything about the hobby in an open discussion forum. Yes, anything. Last year we had cake, so perhaps there will be a surprise this year too!

Saturday, Galleria 103, 10:00pm - "Embellishing and Detailing Panel with Yaya Han":
Learn the many different techniques you can use to embellish your costumes and add interesting textures and details ! From beading to embroidering, Yaya will share her knowledge and show example costume pieces from her wardrobe.

I look forward to seeing everyone! Come to the panels and hang out with us!
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