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July 29, 2009
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New costume - Witchblade by yayacosplay New costume - Witchblade by yayacosplay
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This costume is based on the "Witchblade" Series 2 Action Figure "Armor Sara Pezzini", sculpted by Clayburn Moore.
I've had both the red dress and black dress figures for years now but never thought to cosplay Witchblade until my friend Meagan VanBurkleo told me about the Witchblade through the Ages group she was putting together for San Diego Comic Con '09.
I had been swamped all year with work, up until the weekend before - Otakon - and didn't think I could get anything done for the group. But when Meagan told me I could borrow her boots/wig/gloves from her costumes, and I realized that I had 90% of all materials needed on hand, I decided to go for it.
So on Tuesday night of Comic Con week I started making the Witchblade glove and face pieces, with what I had laying around like gems, glue, paint, foam.... I stayed up till 7am, took a 3 hour nap, then ran out to buy the one thing I needed and kept working on the glove till dinner time when I had to start packing for my flight out to the con the next morning! I was so lucky to find an old red PVC dress I've had for years, altered the hell out of it by hemming it shorter and using the excess to make shoulder straps and the collar piece, and changing the cut of the dress.

At SDCC on Saturday I met up with the girls, and all 7 of us, posed for photos at the Top Cow booth for an hour. It was so much fun to have the different Bearers together in one place, and everyone at Top Cow were so nice and generous. We all got signed books by Marc Silvestri.

I will post group photos when we get them back, for now these are some quick shots Brian Boling snapped Saturday morning.
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you are a real comics fan
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You are so beautiful and so talented! You look incredible as Sara Pezzini. You really do the character justice. How were you able to make the Witchblade itself?
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Very good job!!!
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