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August 29, 2012
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Jessica Rabbit costume preview by yayacosplay Jessica Rabbit costume preview by yayacosplay
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I have never posted an iPhone photo on Deviantart before because of the lack of quality, but this shot actually turned out pretty well for an iPhone camera and I'm so excited about the costume, I just have to share!!! I color corrected the image a bit and added a watermark but it is not photoshopped otherwise.

So here you have a sneak peek of my newest cosplay: Jessica Rabbit - Who framed Roger Rabbit
Costume made & modeled by me
iPhone photo by Brian Boling

Jessica Rabbit has always been one of the most mesmerizing cartoon characters to me - as a kid she made me watch the movie over and over again, and as a cosplayer, she was always a huge challenge for me to portrait. I've been collecting materials for her for almost 2 years, and wanted to make this costume to the best to my abilities.
I drafted & made a custom corset to create the extreme shape and then made the dress to fit over it. I engineered 2 Victoria's Secret Miraculous bras into the corset, which is steel boned coutil. The extreme illusion is created by pulling in the waist, padding the top and wearing a booty bump hahaha. No photoshop, although even with my final measurements of 41-23-39 it's still not Jessica Rabbit's accurate measurements. Hers are probably indeed humanly impossible. ^_^;;;
Also, I went with the hot pink (fushia) colored dress from the movie, deliberately, instead of red, because I've always viewed Jessica as orange hair, pink dress, purple gloves.
Here is a reference image of Jessica in the pink dress.
Here is a youtube video of Jessica in the pink dress doing her famous stage performance from the movie.
Here is a work in progress collage of my Jessica Rabbit dress.

There are Swarovski crystals on the dress & gloves, which were glued on with help from Mary Cahela!

I adore my wig which is a Matilda from Arda Wigs! Styled with help from Ara Fernando!

The exaggerated bedroom eyes makeup involving covering up eyebrows with wax was created by me!

Debut: Dragoncon, Friday, 6pm :)

Other Deviations of this costume:
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So beautiful i really love it!
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Perfect Jessica!
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Incredible. She looks exactly like in the movie.
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This is brilliantly constructed and pulled off :D Excellent work
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I never thought anyone would be able to pull off Jessica Rabbit...but, here you are looking pretty darn accurate. :XD:
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Probably get this alot but....DAAAAAYUM!
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I would love to get my hands on her.....or several other parts
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