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February 5, 2013
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Chun Li - Art Nouveau Design by yayacosplay Chun Li - Art Nouveau Design by yayacosplay
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Although I have already posted a number of Chun Li photos, I can't not share these beautiful images captured by LJinto! We found a wall that matched me haha!

Character: Art Nouveau Chun Li cosplay (designed by :iconrazvan-sedekiah:)
Costume made and modeled by me
Photo by LJinto ([link])
Chun Li gallery is up on my website!!
Head over to my site to read the full construction notes on how I made this costume and check out my favorite photos of Chun Li.

Costume thoughts: I absolutely loved the design by :iconrazvan-sedekiah: and thought it was a great stylish translation of an Iconic character. I created the full costume, using luxurious fabrics such as dupioni silk and silk taffeta. All the trims and swirls are embroidered on, free hand. I had a lot of fun making the charms, hair buns and spike wristlets. I read the spikes in the design artwork as ivory or marble instead of metal, and in keeping with the turn of the century art nouveau style, my spikes are an opalescent ivory color. Some people remarked that it looks like I'm not wearing underwear - well, I am wearing 3 pairs of tights so I am decent lol. Again, it's to follow the art design accurately.
I also cut up a pair of white pleather boots and embroidered the gold swirls on that. The charms and the boots might be my favorite part on this costume!

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GildedTonfa Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  New member
SO HOT... :)
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woah.......seems like chun-li is getting hitched........haha
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:) :heart:
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I love you YaYa!
Odiz Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
i think people are still waiting for the yaya han Chun Li costume pack
for street fighter 4 arcade edition to come out

if no one has ever make a mod
of this in the game they need to..
hideyoshiliu Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
hi,i draw somethinh based on your chun lin cosplay [link] thanks
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That's so pretty!!!
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