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September 6, 2011
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Baroness Ana DeCobray by yayacosplay Baroness Ana DeCobray by yayacosplay
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New costume debut - Dragoncon 2011

This is a collaboration between Pit Viper Studios [link] and moi. I was approached by Len and Audrey several months ago with the idea of modeling a one-off set of Baroness armor for their prop studio as a way to promote their company and our mutual fandom love for GI Joe. I was honored to be considered! Since I had been planning on making Baroness at some point any way, it seemed like the perfect time to get to work.
Toby and Audrey sculpted the pieces, and Len, Kevin, John and the rest of the Pit Viper crew cast the amazing set of armor for me, made of fiberglass. It is surprisingly comfortable and sturdy to wear and I could move around easily. And it looks totally badass and protective!

I took on the responsibility to put the rest of the suit together. Looking at many many reference images of Anastasia (:iconadamhughes: and :icondiablo2003: amongst others), I decided to put my own spin on her signature bodysuit. My goal was for it to be more than just a spandex bodysuit, so I designed a two piece suit featuring seaming details and quilted sides down the arms and legs, as well as scalloped three-piece sections of leg armor. The material is a rubber coated 4-way stretch spandex, which I chose because I wanted the gloss-coated armor to stand out from the matte-finish suit and contrast each other. I made a pattern for the bodysuit and sewed it from scratch. The wig is a pretty lace front that was sleek and not too long, since I didn't want to cover up the armor too much. The glasses were a surprising bitch to find lol. You can't walk into an Optic store and buy a set of rims, they'd have to do an exam and fit non-prescription lenses in. And I didn't want to have lens-less rims! So after much searching I got these at a Dollar Store.. in Montreal, Canada lol.
The weapons were so much fun to pose with. I borrowed a big ass gun from :iconbeautifully-twisted: since she did Sweet Pea from Sucker Punch the day before. Thanks, babe! (We later on discovered that the scope is mounted backwards, oh well!) I had also brought a P-90 which would have looked cool but I couldn't carry more than 2 guns around. The hand gun is my Amber gun haha.

Honestly the only thing I'm somewhat missing is a belt. I debated for a while whether or not to have a belt because it will break up the stream-lined seams I so painstakingly put on the bodysuit.... then I got stuck in Germany for three days because of Hurricane Irene and lost that time to work on costumes for Dragoncon. So I said screw the belt. But after wearing the costume, I must say it would be nice to have someplace to put my room key/money/phone, so a belt will be made when I find the time!

Photos by Anna Fisher ([link])! Incredibly fast turn around and gorgeous shots, thank you, girl!

Check out Pit Viper Studio's work here! [link]
Photos from the Cobra's Finest meet coming soon. Thank you everyone for having me in your group!!

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