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June 17, 2013
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Announcing: 2014 Yaya Han Cosplay Calendar by yayacosplay Announcing: 2014 Yaya Han Cosplay Calendar by yayacosplay
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I thought now would be a good time to make the calendar available to the public since they were shipped out to me yesterday! After the successful trial run of last year's calendar, I wanted to make an even better cosplay calendar for 2014!

To summarize: The 2014 Limited Edition Yaya Han Calendar features 12 months of new cosplay images printed on glossy 11x17 paper, which flips open to a 11x24 calendar. Out of the 12 monthly images, only 2 have been released before, all others are brand new and shot exclusively for the calendar. None of the images will be available as a print or poster, you will only be able to see them in the calendar.

FREE shipping within USA and Canada, $10 shipping everywhere else! It is again $24.99, just like last year, and will be signed and personalized by me! I'll post some teaser pics soon but you get a great idea of the calendar's look from the cover and back cover already. I sincerely hope you will like this one even more than last year's calendar! I busted my little bum making this!!! So proud!! A huge shout-out to all my photographers and graphic designer as well (everyone is credited in the calendar or course!).

To order: [link]

Cover photo shot by Benny Lee [link]
All costumes shown made/modeled by Yaya
Calendar design by David Terres
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妳好美,每次COSPLAY也很漂亮,妳的胸部超大,扮演的角色又很性感,每次都露乳溝露超深,腰又很細,腿又修長,這張Jessica rabbit造型,穿絲襪的美腿光澤好漂亮,翹腳的過程中,大腿緊緊夾著濕濕的陰部,總是讓妳很困擾吧,因為妳總是忍不住COSPLAY時戴手套,但又常常因為太亢奮感到濕濕,妳COSPLAY超喜歡戴手套,也很喜歡戴最長的緞面手套,爽翻了,粉紅高跟鞋好美,眼睛也好誘惑,這雙超長紫手套已經拉到手臂一半,褶皺還那麼多,戴手套的手輕輕撫摸著麥克風,好希望是在撫摸勃起的陰莖,戴那麼長的手套實在太爽了,看著妳戴手套真的好想自慰,希望妳以後結婚的時候要像Emma frost那樣,要戴最長的白手套,而且要戴最長的手套跟老公做愛^^

Alice the Madness.... I really hope that cosplay makes it to the show :iconomgsocuteplz:
Xane6 Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I love your Alice Madness Red Queen. It's simply amazing.
So happy I picked mine up at AX. I like the happy coincidence that when I asked you to sign your Fujiko it was my birthday month ^^
Dracowhip Jul 16, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I'm having trouble finding where to leave a name for personalization. Help, someone, please?
VictoriaCross14 Jun 24, 2013  Student Filmographer
now thats the real Jessica Rabbit!
you are definitely going to make a killing selling these, not only for your gorgeous looks, but also for the style :D
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