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March 28, 2009
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Ada Wong - Resident Evil 4 by yayacosplay Ada Wong - Resident Evil 4 by yayacosplay
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I love Resident Evil and 4 was my favorite. I love the mystery behind the Ada Wong character and her unusual relationship with Leon S. Kennedy. For a convention in Mexico last November I decided to make this costume to go along with Brian's Leon [link] because RE is such a hit there and I knew we'd be able to geek out with everyone. XD

As for the construction - I pulled this costume together in couple of days and am not entirely happy with it. I used a matte satin for the dress, which is partially lined (to the hips) and top-stitched. The designs were hand painted on and the outlines are embroidered, and the dress laces up with eyelets in the back. I couldn't find red eyelets and didn't want to stick with the chrome ones, so I hand bound all the eyelets in burgundy thread. The gun is a modified airsoft handgun with laser, and t he holster should be temporary until I either decide to re-make the dress or just learn to deal with it. I found the shoes after trying on a million pumps that were all too big, and added the criss-cross straps. The wig was ordered off eBay and then cut by me and I made the scarf out of black chiffon.

Photo by Brian Boling [link]
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LunaSwords Apr 8, 2014  New member
sexy Nod 
you should had play as Ada in the last Resident Evil movie but the one actress who play her did a very good job too. 
JMK-Prime Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When I searched for Resident Evil cosplay this was the first result of Ada Wong. You really are a famous cosplay girl. :love: 
deviousplayer Dec 24, 2013
<3 . <3
zombies shud come back to life after seeing this ....or maybe being brain dead is what the dress does to you..hehe............hell need only one part of my body to function when its this hot............mwahahahahahahahahaha
eriihime Sep 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Not to be rude, but Ada's boobs were never that...ehem..big..
The same goes for her thighs...

But then to me, cosplay is about portraying any character you please no matter what you look like..
I love the dress btw~
MadameRel Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Then why the hell would you say something? Just to look like a total jack ass? "Sorry to be rude, but I'm going to be rude for no reason and then try to cover it up by kind of complimenting you." Wow.
EllieladnierFaye Sep 8, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Nice cosplaying Yaya hey you do a very good job on your cosplaying ^_^
SteveManGuitarrista Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Que hermosura, te entro como rengo a la muleta
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